Last Fire Survival: Battleground APK – PUBG Mobile style Alien Shooter

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Last Fire Survival: Battleground is a PUBG Mobile style game, but has a unique perspective on the style of the famous Alien Shooter game. As we all know, Rules of Survival, Knives Out, Free Fire or PUBG Mobile itself are being cherished by Tencent and have become the best survival games on mobile. There, players will find a gameplay formula that includes a third view, a large map, multi-player support with a variety of guns. Almost every game is the same with only a few differences that are the quality of graphics and map systems are designed differently. Even some people say that they can not distinguish the games because they are so similar.

Elex is a familiar name

Elex is a mobile game publisher from Hong Kong, whose most famous games include Last Battleground: Survival, War of Jurassic (Unreleased), Blood Tyrant, Magic Rush: Heroes … Great features, the large map and a large number of players, Last Battleground: Survival is the most successful PUBG Mobile game. However, with Last Fire Survival: Battleground, players will experience a mobile game of survival genre with a lovely style. A PUBG game with a perspective … Alien Shooter. Surely you do not look at the wrong one, not the first or the third view; the game will look from the top down to the same old classic games.

Graphics nothing special?

Maybe many people will wonder that, with a simple 2D graphics, old viewing angles, along with gameplay is nothing special, how can this game be comparable to PUBG Mobile? Yes, regarding graphics, this game is going to be a loser because the producers focus only on the most intriguing of the gameplay. In fact, Last Fire Survival: Battleground is exceptionally innovative regarding harmony between the two styles, survival and shooting. This is an entirely new experience that no game has ever done so. First, parachuting is an indispensable part of a survival game. After that, the player will find the weapon and defeat the other. The last survivor is the winner. Of all things, perhaps the player will not need to get used to this game anymore. By just starting, you can immerse yourself in the fire and fight.

However, the shooting mechanism of the game takes place entirely in the horizontal plane, allowing players to move the gun completely in 360 degrees. This will enable gamers to cover the back, eliminating quite a lot of situations that are postmodern. Last Fire Survival: Battleground is also unique. Adding a sniper rifle will allow the player to track the map around at a much-enlarged size. Another good point is that the terrain of the map is very complex, bushes and cliffs appear everywhere so that the enemy can hide and ambush you at any time. Watch out for anytime, and keep in mind the small game volume. There will be times when you start to panic.


Although the amount of weapons is not as full as the main PUBG game Last Fire Survival: Battleground gives players a whole new rifle. Along with that are attractive items with all sorts of bombs, balloons, daggers … With a large map 2kmx2km, the gathering of guns must be carried out quickly, otherwise, you will have to empty hands against the guys with guns. This is the biggest disadvantage the game can have on us. Not only is the game attractive, Last Fire Survival: Battleground also gives players countless fun situations. Join the game; you will experience a real survival game on mobile.

1. Move Speed X3
2. Crawl Speed X3
3. Sitting Speed X 3
4. Speed Move When Attack X2

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