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  • February 14, 2018
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On 2nd February LINE has just opened their first subscription portal for their latest series, Little Knight. This is one of the games inspired by their stickers system and makes it a cute character that brings in the power the player cannot even imagine. The game is said to be designed in the form of enjoyable RTS so you will enjoy a game or the characters that you love. Seeing how they fight, how they will make you feel satisfied with your curiosity.

3vs3 real-time combat!

As mentioned, LINE Little Knights designed with a unique character system inspired by its message stickers with familiar characters such as Moon, Brown, and Sally. Not only that, but you can also upgrade their strengths through each level and equip different weapons to make their appearance varied according to their interests and abilities. Players will be allowed to take those characters into battle and participate in the epic battles to 3vs3 in real-time combat. As with other games of the same genre, the role is also divided into different functional development directions in the campaign, such as Tanker, Marksman and supporter, so consider upgrading their skills to maximise their power slightly.

Defend the Earth, become heroes

Raise their combat powers to defeat villains and restore peace on earth. Once you have selected your favourite characters and maximised your ability and coordination, you will have to fight. In the process of adventure to various lands, experiencing difficult challenges will bring your combat power up. Defeat the terrible villains and return peace to our earth. The hero with the big look but bring in the source of endless strength will be people cheered for the extraordinary feat.

Cute graphics – intuitive controls

The specially designed control system makes it easy to use just one finger to play games. So you can play the game and do other things at the same time without any obstacles. Thanks to it, players can summon all sorts of different units so they can fight their opponents. Once invoked, your units are designed to attack the most active enemy dealing damage to your squad. So you can quickly get around in tough situations. But I have advice for you not to summon a powerful unit as there are so many different units. You should be summoned in a variety of ways to make the best of your opponent.

But the LINE Little Knights game is not just a battle of the champions with their ability but also a test of intelligence and talent of the player again. The game has Magic Support available for players to cast during combat. You have spells that can recover unit health, attack enemy units, or support their units with buffs. So you can turn the table in the most challenging situations that seem to be on the brink of losing.


The LINE Little Knights game is open to anyone who can sign up and promises great rewards for players interested in their games from the very beginning. The more people subscribe, the higher the reward. The most interesting would be a sticker used in the game with exclusive expressions not released elsewhere. The game is quite massive but can still experience the mid-range smartphone because the manufacturer has maximized its functionality so that it can be easily installed and played on those devices.

Note: The game has been released, you can download it below

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