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  • November 7, 2017
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Currently, there are 2 mobile versions based on Luna Online developed in China, and both are confirmed as an official license from this IP owner is EYA Interactive. However, today we would like to give you a quick evaluation of MMORPG Luna Mobile – a super cute chibi.

Download Luna Mobile APK Mod (Update v0.11.251) latest for Android

For those who do not know, Luna Online is a game developed by the Korean Funtime, officially opened in December 2008. Luna Online is an online role-playing game with anime style, possessing extremely cute and diversity characters. Although it is currently old-fashion, the mobile version is still promising to contain many interesting things for the player to continue exploring. Talking about Luna Mobile, this mobile version looks quite similar to the PC version. The game takes place in a world conquered by brutal and cruel demons, humans and Elves that must join forces to fight the devastation of the devil and protect their homeland, family, and friends.

Accordingly, Luna Mobile brings gamers to a true 3D role-playing game where characters can travel to anywhere in the vast world outside. Overall, the whole world of the game is incorporated into a homogeneous mass, that means there is almost no stage or boring transition, giving us the freedom to interact with all aspects of the game. Some of the main features of the game such as character dressing, mounts, pet companionship and player accommodation have been brought in and shown very successfully in Luna Mobile. Most players can also take on the task of countless characters on the map, not just in the village. With such a rich and varied gameplay environment, Luna Mobile will give us a mobile experience.

In addition, Luna Mobile will integrate more unique and fun features such as mountain bike racing, rollercoaster ride, dating, … Luo still not sure who is the publisher behind Luna Mobile, but it is expected that the game will be launched first in China then global release.

Luna Mobile APK Main Features

  • High-end 3D graphics, characters are designed in cute cartoon style
  • The new gameplay, many new features attractive but still retain what or lost version of the previous PC
  • Join the fight with thousands of players around the world
  • Multi-language support

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