Lunar Battle APK (Mod Money)


The constant war of explosions on earth causes the resources to be exhausted, not enough to supply and serve human needs. But science and human endurance have been strangely elevated throughout these endless struggles. Human beings, therefore, began their plans to advance into space to search for endless resources and personal benefits that no one else possessed. The first step, they approached and exploited the moon. Lunar Battle is a battle produced by Atari, Inc. The release depicts the brutal struggle for survival against nature and humanity against each other.

Dinner in space?

Lunar Battle a simulation game that builds the city but incorporates tactical elements that make the game not as boring as most other games of the same genre. But your main task is to set up a city, a colony or even a giant and strong kingdom. The essential conditions for life such as power, food, water, tech, and more are the goals you strive to exploit or seize from the opponent.

Fascinating tactical play

If you want to have a lot of resources, then you have to set up a large team of skilled workers to the most advanced excavator drilling machine than all the equipment has been used on earth. Then use those materials to grow the population and ensure the safety of the land they own. However, hostile forces invade your land if they only care about the economy and happiness of the people. Because of that, players will have to invest in developing a powerful army and stop the conspiracy. If you are strong enough and confident enough, now you are the conqueror.

The designer also offers you up to 50 levels of pulse-pounding space action to beat. That will be where you find weaknesses in your army to continue upgrading them to a higher level. At the same time if you win you will receive rewards worthy of your efforts and additions and national budgets to enhance your military strength.


Top graphics games will make you happy with your gaming hours. Besides, the manufacturer designs new, futuristic architectural designs that will surprise you a lot. You will have to learn a long time to fully understand the details that Atari, Inc. put into the game.

Sum up

Although this is a pretty good game it only requires a fairly smart device platform to play is Android 4.1 and up. Although it was launched, it has won the hearts of the gamers with 500,000 downloads and promises to increase significantly in the coming time. Lunar Battle Mod is available for free download on games such as Google Play but will have items in the game sold for $ 1 to $ 99.08. If you love the game, then you can buy it to enhance your power a radical you.

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