MapleStory Blitz APK (Update v1.0) Mod God Mode

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  • November 14, 2017
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The first thing can be noticed is that MapleStory Blitz brings a very similar style to Clash Royale when the game field is split into three lines and players must summon troops to attack the enemy. Each side must prepare themselves a deck of card with monster or magic cards to destroy the main enemy’s base. More specifically, they will be able to be controlled by tapping and dragging so that we can be customized to their position and provide the tactical advantage.

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In addition, the game also provides players with six heroes called Mercedes, Phantom, Kyrin, Oz, Demon, and Slayer to choose from with different playing styles and cards, on this point. MapleStory Blitz is similar to another card game, Hearthstone, which also carries the same character classes hierarchy. MapleStory Blitz players can also participate in countless types of arena ranging from PvE to PvP, boss battles to receive packs and additional openings for your card collection. Of course, they will be divided into levels from normal to rare.

MapleStory is one of the most visually appealing online role-playing games in the world, with a bright graphical platform and social networking style. There are many other titles that have exploited this topic and gained a lot of success. New Nexon, the publisher of the company, said it was preparing to release a new version of MapleStory called MapleStory Blitz, but it would be a card game, not a traditional MMORPG.

Graphics in MapleStory Blitz can be said to be the closest to the Maplestory game when they have successfully reproduced the familiar scenes in the original version. Besides it still brings a modern trendy but equally cheerful. Compared to other games of the same type, the Medal Masters do not have so many outstanding differences. You will focus on gathering heroes then join them in battle in the turn combat, upgrade the character according to the progress of the game. In particular, the Blitz System allows players to create unmatched power-ups at the right time. Along with the endless amount of missions, it can be said that this Korean RPG will take you no less time to conquer.

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