Merge Plane (MOD Gems/VIP)


When we feel tired, we often want to be in the airy space to regain the spirit and health to work more effectively. At that time, I used to look at the birds through the windows of the company and secretly wished I have a pair of wings free to fly. Moreover, then, Merge Plane – Click & Idle Tycoon was launched and took wing for my dream. Right now, I can freely fly in the sky and escape from the restless spaces that are suppressing my soul. This game is a simulation game, with a rather idle and light way of playing, if you want to find something to entertain in your break time then Merge Plane – Click & Idle Tycoon is an excellent choice.

Merge & Develope Your Airline!

Whether you are a plane pilot or an entrepreneur, Merge Plane – Click & Idle Tycoon will turn you into a manager of the world’s most famous airline, Tycoon. The mission of the player is to operate the aircraft completing the journey to perform the services of transporting passengers or goods. When the game starts, the screen shows the planes and an elliptical flight; the plane will automatically move and complete the race. In the meantime, players need to buy more planes and upgrade them, the journey requires quality, and players need to secure this.

There are two main types of gold and purple diamonds. Gold is used to buy conventional aircraft and support items, and diamonds are used to buy unique aircraft and use it for a number of other functions. Players will receive gold when their aircraft completes a race or players receive rewards after completing missions, while diamonds are harder to find, players can watch some promotional video or load money to have more.


The game offers hundreds of types of aircraft from Spitfire, Mig – 3, Yak – 1, OSU21, … for players to explore. Each aircraft has a mighty engine, which has its own characteristics such as cargo, military weapons or passenger transport. If you are a political fanatic, you probably know that the Italian Caproni dedicated bomber is currently on display in the USAF museum. Caproni is also included and is a very small part.

“Do you love it? Become the boss of the airline with the game Merge Plane – Click & Idle Tycoon MOD offline. The game is free so that you can download it now.”


1. Infinite Gem
2. Infinite Coin (Increase when spend)​

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