Merge Pool by Voodoo APK (Update v1.1) Mod Remove AD

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Merge Pool is an exciting game from the Voodoo publisher. You surely familiar with this publisher. Voodoo specializes in producing simple mobile games that are easy to understand but extremely addictive.

Download Merge Pool by Voodoo APK (Update v1.1) Mod Remove AD for Android

Coming to this game, the player’s task is to shoot colorful balls towards the small square area above, trying to shoot similar colors to gain points. The gameplay is quite simple, you just drag, target and drop out to shoot and hit points. But how do you get high scores in this game? It’s not easy to get high scores in Voodoo games, but we have to get some tips, tactics, and strategies to play smoothly and break records.

How to play

The score of each ball was noted in it. You will start shooting with the number 1 ball. You shoot two balls of the same color together, they will be merged into a smaller one, but the number of points on the ball increases (add two numbers to each other). The number 1 ball touches the number 2 ball that will produce the number 5 ball. And the score you get will be 5 points (the number on the ball you merged). If more than two balls are mixed together (usually when the same color balls are in the grid), you will get double, triple or multi-pixel multipliers “multi-merge”. But how does the number of balls in the squares do not fill up and the number of balls to shoot (limited, with the number below the screen) does not go away quickly? The only color you can add is 5, that ball will be destroyed and 5 more on your property. Try to earn as many multi merges as possible to earn points quickly, but at the same time pay attention to destroy them if you don’t want to lose the game.

On how to shoot the ball you remember to carefully look at the arrow when the ball began to shoot, the longer the balloons fly as far. Each ball has different weights depending on its size, so each technical strategy cannot be the same, for example, the ball bearing number 4 will be much heavier than 1 and 2. When playing you may encounter the balloons have 5 blinking colors, with these types you can merge with any color, extremely useful.

Getting high scores in Voodoo games requires a lot of technical tips, but it’s incredibly entertaining. Let’s enjoy it by downloading the link below! Have fun 🙂

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