Muscle Car Simulator APK v1.10 (MOD Money)


On trips, trips to distant lands, you can go by train, plane, … But all these means of transportation will never be as enjoyable as when you have a muscular vehicle is full of persistence, welcome on the road and see all the beautiful scene at close range, can stop the rest as well as engine explosion whenever you want. Are you confident that someone with excellent car control skills? Or have you never had a chance to sit in a muscle car and experience speed racing with… light? Of course, racing with a view is impossible, but feeling the experience of driving a muscle car is entirely possible with the game Muscle Car Simulator – a well-known game publisher of the Oppana Games. If you are a speed enthusiast, why not choose your own favourite game?

Experience true feeling

When you open the Muscle Car Simulator, you get a very realistic feel when your vision is the view of the character in the game. It would be funny if you could only see your hand open the door, hold the steering wheel, or hold the object the other day. You will step into a car dealership, and here you will encounter beautiful muscle cars. All you need to do is pick the best car, then open the door and drive it around the city, or make a route with your car to the real place. Far. On the way, you will have to pay attention to the road and the people on the other street.

You will have to make sure you have a perfect car driving technique, or you will be hit by light bulbs or crashed into houses on either side of the road, or worse on the way with the ears. Fatalities. There is a gearbox that allows you to see the speed of your vehicle and adjust its speed accordingly, avoid obstacles, people and have a safe trip. During the trip, you can go to the gas station to refuel your car, can also go to the car repair workshop to refurbish the car like washing it or repair the vehicle. Broken parts. And be careful when catching the policemen on your way if you do not want to pay a fine. Be careful and do not forget to lock the car door when stopping.

Fun features

Muscle Car Simulator is a game that has exciting features, such as you have to perform actions like in real life, from opening the door, locking in the drive, holding the steering wheel or spilling gasoline for yourself. Cars and open the trunk for repair, … You will also be accompanied his vehicle travelling everywhere, experience the interesting as well as challenging on the go and leave the experience to life most forgotten. You can also set up a competition of your own, is not it?

Graphics and sound

The game has a pretty eye-catching and lively graphics, giving the player the most realistic feel possible. The sound is a highlight of the game’s outstanding and successful. It was noted for the smallest details, the gameplay in a very reasonable way that players think they are sitting on a muscle car and wandering around the city. From the sound of the engine, the sound of the car’s door, or the sound of the car on the pillars, is meticulously and accurately integrated.

Sum up

If you are a speed enthusiast who does not have a car to drive, then this is a great game for you. Download theMuscle Car Simulator APK game to experience the game and try yourself to see if your skills are great.

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