My Bakery Empire (MOD, Unlimited Money)


My Bakery Empire is Coco Play’s latest bakery management simulator. In this game you will have to help Lizzie open a world-famous pastry shop and how to sell as much as possible, especially orders from around the world. Lizzie is a beautiful young girl, she graduated from cooking university and now her dream is to open a pastry shop. She is a talented and hardworking girl, with a lot of knowledge in making cakes as well as customers, but she is in great need of help from you.

Co-working with Lizzie, you will have the opportunity to learn a variety of recipes from her, so you can create delicious cake by yourself. Let’s work together to create the best cakes, and then wait for orders from around the world, earn too much money and use the money to buy many materials for new recipes.

Originally created by Coco Play (a Chinese-based developer of innovative and unique children’s apps), My Bakery Empire is still lovely, stylized 3D graphics in the game for girls. You will be blending into a pastry shop and becoming a best baker.

Highlight features

  • Not only do you help Lizzie open a bakery, with the money you earn, you and Lizzie will open more bakeries all over the city.
  • Accept orders from different guests around the world, but try to do what they ask for, do not let them complain about the ones you do not taste good.
  • Make your favorite cakes with a variety of recipes and colors.
  • Design a nice suit for Lizzie, do not forget to give her an apron and a white hat to be a chef as possible.
  • Participate in bakery contests held daily with lots of online participants around the world

My Bakery Empire APK MOD is available free of charge for the Android and iOS platforms, but certain items may be required to pay for real money if you want to use it. Players can disable the purchase feature in the device’s settings. Also, we have mod unlock all the advanced features of this game, along with unlimited coins so you can buy yourself lots of materials to support the production of gear. Have fun.

MOD Info?

Unlock the full version, unlimited currency.

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  1. It’s really a mod apk guys.

  2. Awesome game I like it.

  3. I am really love this mod

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