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NOUKK is an exciting adventure game which was built by the publisher of KOSHIOSHI, the game has a simple but attractive style of play, with creative graphics, fun, it will definitely be a fun entertainment game after hours of study and work stress. Let’s find out what the game is interesting.

Download NOUKK APK v1.5 Paid latest for Android

First of all, the characters and events in the game are painted in the ancient Western style, according to the era of God Rush. Cowboys, castles, trains, guns and various ethnic characters are all painted with simple motifs that bring a whole new way of playing. Different from the adventure games are on the market today.
The game begins when a large family is kidnapped, and the hunter is only who escapes death. He will have to go through many challenges and pitfalls ahead to find a way to save his family (also including his wife). The obstacles are drawn on the road as harmless but actually, it can make you lose at any time. So pay close attention and be as careful as possible.
With more than 5 different worlds and up to 30 levels, NOUKK for Android is an entertainment but exciting game. To win, you have to go through many unforeseen challenges. Use your intelligence to pass all the way ahead, save your family and bring them home safely.

The main feature of the game NOUKK for Android:

– Adventure game strong feelings
– More than 30 levels of increasing difficulty
– Simple gameplay, players can get acquainted right after play
– Character in the game is fun design
-Do not buy in-game items, do not advertise

The NOUKK game for Android is being sold on the Google Play store for $3, however, you can download it for free with the APK file we provide below (we purchased it and extract the .apk file). Wish you have fun playing the game.

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