NTales: Child of Destiny APK+DATA v1.0.08 Mod

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  • November 28, 2017
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If you are an RPG fan, and you do not have time to sit in front of the computer screen. Then you try the latest Pocket 2D RPG game that was released is NTales: Child of Destiny. And the game is currently in the Philippines and Australia.

Download NTales: Child of Destiny APK+DATA v1.0.08 Mod for Android

Lancia is in critical condition. Fate, the future of the country is placed in the hands of “the child of fate.” Wong is looking for “The Child of Destiny”. And are you the savior that the Queen is looking for? Play, become a savior and defeat the evil machinations of Dr.Deff.

With the 2D play, with beautiful graphics and unique, you must complete the tasks along with many main tasks. In addition to the main task is to save the world, you can also do extra quests (any RPG game also).
There are different types of PVE including Wandering Monster, Boss Dungeon, Infinite Tower- Fight, try to survive with monsters and reach the highest level, Time Dungeon – you get Exp and Gold 3 times normal. Are you excited?
Of course, besides PVE, you also participate in PVP. Like PVE, PVP also owns PVP 1vs1, Pet Battle to Death, Guild War. If you are an RPG then, of course, you can play with your friends. If you find the adventure alone seems to be hard, join the guild, together become the savior rescue the world, together defeat the Boss in Dungeon.

Other features include rich and varied classes such as Warrior, Knight, Berserker, Cleric, Demon Hunter, Saint, Magician, Sorcerer, Necromancer. Also, let me forge my character, carry out the task of transforming Job and bring my character to a more powerful Job. But go adventure alone is very boring, please own yourself a cute pet absolutely mind offline!

In addition to the various classes, please refurbish your character to become strong as well as beautiful. Get dresses, wings, and unlock items for weapon enhancement. Make your character become beautiful in appearance as well as strong in the index. This is a great game to play for anyone in the RPG series. More than 200 maps need to be explored. The savior is quick to install and enjoy any game!

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