Otome Hero (Otome Yusha)

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  • December 2, 2017
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If you like RPG and adventure, or you are interested in playing a Japanese game … Then wait for Otome Hero (Otome Yusha) is about to be released in 2017 buy offline. Of course, each character has its own strength and skills. Because this is an RPG, this feature is clearly shown. Choose a character that is both powerful and agreeable to create a perfect harmony. The number of 24 handsome guys sure is not finding the character that suits him is unreasonable. With 2D Chibi graphics engine, it is suitable for those who love the cute style. Each character has a unique ability and power, this has nothing to discuss. Due to this diversity, in the game, each character will own a “One shot skill” for himself.

Otome Hero (Otome Yusha) Mod APK v1.0 for Android

Besides playing the tasks, you can explore the storyline through each character’s dialogue with each other. Because there are 24 characters, each will have a story and of course, everyone will see this battle differently.

Game Content: Each character is called Slayer. In the game, we will have 24 Slayer. Each character will have a different skill system. And of course, if solo with many monsters is afraid that it is impossible. That for the skillful players they are easy to pass but that is a crowded monster. So the game still operates when 3 Slayer will enter a team. The main character will be hand-controlled by you and the other 2 characters will automatically. This is not uncommon for some original RPGs like the Tales of …… game. Let’s gather the character and aim to become the strongest team to save the world and destroy the demon king. If you do not have time to play RPG games in front of the computer screen. Then this is a game that you can play on the phone everywhere. The Slayer! Let the others destroy the evil king!

Developer: Level-5
Time: Winter 2017
Version: Android, IOS
Character: The game possesses 24 characters with different features. Here I just point out some of the highlights!
1. Ikusa – Swordsman lost a part of his memory
2. Suraju – Childhood friend of the main character
3. Rakam
4. Higan – A gentle sailor
5.Raiasu – Little Prince with red hair
6. Miazeruka – Little prince with green hair

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