Palette Tiffany APK (Update v1.0.3) Paid


Palette Tiffany is a beautiful wedding camera app on the mobile. Downloading Palette Tiffany for Android brings the sweet, bright, romantic shades of love into each photo.

Palette Tiffany 1.0.3 APK download latest for Android

Series Palette camera is making smartphone users fascinated with a series of photo filters with beautiful colors such as Palette Paris, Palette Summer, Palette Nara, … Today, we would like to introduce readers to another product also included in this series, named Palette Tiffany for Android.
The main theme of the app is the wedding. It has a function of restoring wedding photos thanks to the warm light filter as a sincere confession of love, lights up the faces that appear on each shot photo. Each photo of the Palette Tiffany brightens your eyes and lets you melt in the sweetness and romance.

Highlight features of the Palette Tiffany 1.0.3

1. The best wedding photo filter on the mobile
– 10 photo filters blow the purity of love into each frame
– Take picture of your natural silky skin
– Suitable for taking photo of portraits, wedding dresses, food, candy, the perfect choice for wedding flowers
– Customize bar to help users edit the photograph beautification
2. Beautiful photo
– 10 high-quality real-time filters, carefully selected
– Full-screen photo, enjoy every moment of photography
– Turn off the sound when taking photo
3. Edit photos
– Palette Tiffany for Android contains a comprehensive set of image editing tools, including exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, halo, film grain texture, rotation and flip, sharpness, temperature, shadow.
4. Save and Share
– Ensure the maximum of image resolution when saving image
– Share photos via Instagram, Kakao Talk, Line, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Messenger, Sina Weibo

Features in the new version Palette Tiffany 1.0.3

– Add video function
– Add camera-delayed function

Palette Tiffany APK, with all of the above functions, has proven to be a powerful wedding photo filter app, which is worth trying on mobile. If anyone loves the pure color and romantic love, the Palette Tiffany for Android is the best choice.

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