PAYDAY: Crime War (MOD access)


The world has been shaped for hundreds of years. , laws and prejudices have become fixed in everyone’s mind. Ever since, the protagonist in a story has to be a hero, doing good, helping people. But about 20 recent years, these trends have also been neutralized by new ways of constructing stories. The main character is either righteous or cruel or even evil.

Overkill Software has succeeded in creating an attractive franchise for the main characters as bandits. They are gun-toting clues and robberies to earn a lot of money. That success does not stop but has continued to evolve to fit the times. Now, along with the PC version, there’s an upcoming mobile version called PAYDAY: Crime War.
In this game, you will still enjoy all that is famous for this brand. In addition, the functions have been optimized for the telephone system. Therefore, the player still fights, moving around the map with his gun in FPS style. Smooth motion, gun effects, and explosive sounds every time you go to war make you feel as close to reality as possible.

Become bank robbers

With the familiar gameplay of an FPS shooter, you still play a handler in your gun, running around the map and defeating all the enemies down the road. But this time, the opponent is not the wicked, but the police. Those who are preventing your bandits from leaving the bank with the money they have just earned. From the First World Bank to the Jewelry Store and more has become your target and your accomplice. The more dangerous the mission, the more reward.

Shoot down your pursuers

The controls are also easy because they are all optimized. The analog stick lets you move lightly just by holding and dragging the screen. Left, the right side of the screen will be sorting buttons that show in-game actions such as throwing grenades, rolling, replacing bullets, etc. They will have a scientific layout so players will quickly do Familiar and the battle phase by just running out bullets will happen regularly.

Sum up

PAYDAY: Crime War graphics is like the standards set for a current FPS game. Besides, under the opposite storyline, the story will happen in a darker and more oppressive way. Intelligent action, quick, evil will be the key to victory. Remember to upgrade your power regularly. September 10th will be the opening time of CBT and after about 1 month will be the official version. Please log in and learn about the context, the gameplay before actually engaging in intense battles.

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