Phantasy Star II APK v1.0.35.55 (Mod Unlocked)


Phantasy Star II for Android is an RPG remake of Sega’s Phantasy Star Online. This game is an RPG that has made Sega a big hit, and this is the online role-playing game that gamers have been trying to sustain for 16 years even though Sega’s publisher has closed it since 9 years ago. This is enough to realize the attraction of Phantasy Star Online so that the publisher of Sega game has decided with this comeback on mobile.

Phantasy Star II APK Mod is part of the Forever Sega series to mark a milestone in the game, including five Altered Beasts, Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star II, Kid Chameleon and Comix Zone. In addition, every two weeks, Sega will release a new free mobile game that promises to make gamers remember childhood long.

You will have to fight the evil, mutant repositories are attacking with the robots created to destroy the world. You will have to destroy them by collecting equipment and weapons, the equipment will be gradually unlocked through the game screen, each screen we will receive additional skills surprise. Although designed with classic pixel graphics, the game is still very attractive with a simple, fun gameplay. Surely you will be satisfied with this mobile role-playing game, Phantasy Star II for Android will take you back to the 90’s with this super classic game.

Main features:

  • An epic campaign that lasts more than 30 hours
  • Turn-based combat on the classic 16-bit graphics
  • Fight against mutant creatures, robots and other fierce animals like Mota, Dezo and Palm
  • All weapons can be held, including laser sword, cannon, fire scepter
  • 8 characters to roleplay, each has unique characteristics and skills
  • Play for free
  • Save your game progress anytime
  • Support for Bluetooth control
  • Play offline

Mod features:

  • Mod Unlocked

You are a fan of the role-playing game name Phantasy Star is no stranger, this is considered a masterpiece can not play once in a lifetime. This time, Phantasy Star II for Android is released free of charge on the Google Play apps store, and you can play without the hassle of an internet connection.

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