PICTAIL – Jung Bug APK (Update v1.02) Paid


JP Brothers Inc is a game and application publisher come from beautiful South Korea, in which PICTAIL is a popular photograph application that is have used by so many people. Over the years, it has gained the trust of the users and PICTAIL – Jung Bug is a new photography application released. It brings a lot of new filters that we will explore right below.

Download PICTAIL Jung Bug APK v1.02 Paid + Mod Unlocked latest for Android

If you know Cocktail June Bug – a popular Korean drink, PICTAIL – Jung Bug application will bring the color of this drink to your photo. Jung Bug is an aromatic cocktail with pineapple and lemon which has been appeared for a long time in the world. Today, it is a popular drink for teenagers and even young adult and of course, this is a very good drink for health and eye-catching yellow of pineapple and lemon.

JP Brothers is very smart to put that special color into their PICTAIL – Jung Bug image filter, which gives the picture of the user a youthful, sweet color. PICTAIL – Jung Bug is in the series of beautiful camera color cocktail Pictail application. You can experience some of the filters that we have provided over time such as Pictail – Limited Edition, PICTAIL NewYork, Pictail – PinkLady, Pictail – Mojito, Pictail – ScrewDriver … PICTAIL – Jung Bug provides Give the user a lot of different filters including fresh youthful colors. Specifically, the user will have more than 10 different beautiful filters, along with a lot of features that the manufacturer equipped with this application.

Main Features

1. Take high-resolution pictures
Unlike B612 or Camera 360, PICTAIL – Jung Bug supports users to capture and save images with the highest resolution supported by the device. Your pictures will be sharper and more beautiful than some applications that auto image compression is available on the market today. This is the first point of Jung Bug.

2. Capture and record video with real-time filters
With PICTAIL Jung Bug, users do not have to worry about the wrong shot and video recording with a built-in real-time filter. You will be exploring all the filters and applying it to the pictures that you are about to take a preview and if you like, you just press the capture button. You can also add your own photos and edit them without any difficulty.

3. Edit photos
PICTAIL – Jung Bug not only provides you with beautiful photo filters but also gives you advanced photo editing features such as cropping, brightness adjustment, white balance … and many other features as well.

4. Beauty face
PICTAIL – Jung Bug will support facial beauty like other imaging applications. You will not have to worry about tinted skin or acne. All of that is perfectly fine with the facial beauty of the application.

PICTAIL – Jung Bug APK is sold on the Google Play Marketplace for $ 1.99, but readers can download it for free with the .apk file we provide below. Finally, wish you good photos with this app.

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