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Nowadays, taking a picture has become much easier, as mobile devices support compelling features like a real camera. The obvious change in technology and user trends. A phone with a 16-megapixel camera is no longer so strange, even with a camera with a wide-angle zoom lens, … Price is not too steep. Because of this, the photos taken with the real camera need the software to postpone the photos taken by the phone as well.

PicTapGo is popular because it supports users of new filters that no one else has in the market. Not only that, the image blending tools along with the robustness of the image processing steps will allow you to derive the same results as those processed through Photoshop.

This is also the exclusive product of Totally Rad! Inc. Released on the Google Play platform. The first sign of the user with it is entirely satisfactory when the interface of the app is easy to see and easy to use. Quick photo retention is also mentioned in the positive comments.


Quick photo gallery access

In many other apps, accessing the available images will be difficult, as it will take a long time to load into your gallery. However, PicTapGo has optimized its processing speed and quickly shows you photos with just one tap on the application. Or, even if you do not already have one available for editing, you can also use the camera’s custom built-in camera.

More than 70 filters are built-in and updated continuously

This is the primary function that the user wants in this app. More than 70 filters have been adopted by photographers to produce the best images for the mood and scene. The sad moments and need a deep photo or active outdoor activities are all color express emotions. Even in a crowded outing, you just want a personal picture, so do not panic when the Crop function is available with a high resolution, high-resolution zoom that you can become more personal in a beautiful photo


PicTapGo APK will actively learn the filters and customizers you often use and recommend them on the top choices. Quick access to the latest and most favorite features will make this app the most personalized to you. These bug fixes and extra filters will come to you weekly or monthly. Do not ignore those functions.

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