Planet Bomber! (MOD money/diamond/premium)

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  • Version: 1.5
  • Category: Arcade
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  • Update: November 13, 2018 at 8:52 am
  • Available at: Google Play

Planet Bomber! – If one day you become a dictator who plots to destroy the world, the weapon that you standard Certainly the most attractive option is the missile because they have tremendous destructive power. With today’s advanced technology, this weapon can blow any nation on Earth. Take control of a series of missiles to defeat a planet. Certainly, the strangest thing you’ve heard the first time.

Explore the galaxy and destroy planets

But for games, it’s a feasible thing. The most popular casual game maker in the world VOODOO has launched a product with similar content. As you know, their games use straightforward operation mechanisms. For this new game when you’re fighting the game Click on the screen to start the game and upgrade the power of the missile. Weapons of destruction will continuously fire on a planet until it is destroyed.

Although this gameplay is quite simple because it uses the same mechanism as an idle game. But if you experimented with it, you would recognize the differences. When entering a game screen, you will be given the most basic type of missile with relatively small damage but fast recovery time. Players will be allowed to continually spam to speed up the process of destroying the target.

Upgrade your abilities and defeat the bosses!

The target that the player must destroy is a planet. Basically, it is a large circle with concentric circles reflected from the planet’s crust to the center of the planet. Based on the strength of a rocket, it can damage the surface of the planet. This depends on the surface hardness and the planetary thickness. The missile will be automatically fired off clicking on that planet when you hit the missile command button. The planet will continue to be harmed until you can destroy the center of the planet through the screen.

Each planet will have different characteristics that make you have to use increasingly powerful missiles. But there are also some other ways to upgrade the power. The bottom of the screen will be an index panel to upgrade the power. Tags such as upgrades, booster, missiles, and more, all have their own stats for players to upgrade.

When missiles destroy the planet, there are some points. These numbers will be used in upgrading the power. On the screen, there are 14 weapons displayed so you can click on them. Use them wisely because each weapon will have a certain amount of time. After all, it’s just a casual game, so the gameplay is pretty simple. Enjoy it.

MOD: (money/diamond/premium)

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