Pocket Dragons APK (MOD Glod/Gems)


With the compact size (50MB), will Pocket Dragons create a new world of fever? As we all know, the success of the Dragon Village game has made highbrow a favourite developer. The characters they created have become a prominent role model for some other games to follow. A typical example is Dragon Village M with an impressive 3D graphics. On March 15th, highbrow introduces us to a new game; it has a simple pixel graphics and exciting gameplay. The game is called Pocket Dragons


Unlike other games like Dragon Village, Pocket Dragons does not have a storyline. Instead, players will be playing the game and exploring the plot at the same time. This means that you will develop the plot of the game. There are a lot of different endings in this game, so let’s explore it ourselves. Join the game; you will be to a kingdom of dragons. There are many different types of dragons that you can buy, or you can buy some. These are the cute dragons that highbrow created to gratify its audience for so many years. A great gift for those who are fans of the famous Dragon Village game series.

Gameplay: Fun is not enough

Right after opening the game, you will know right away Pocket Dragons is a fun, entertaining game. However, it is not enough. To win a match, the player must use his knowledge, control talent to gain the other opponents. There will be two teams in each game; each side will have different dragons. And each one will have a hit. It’s just that simple, but the game has great appeal because winning is not as simple as you think. Every case can happen, with different items, different powers of each dragon species. Your game will be full of surprises and surprises.
Currently, there are over 30 species of dragons and also more than 30 different characters in the game. At first, players can only unlock a few characters because of insufficient money.

However, each match wins, you will receive a bonus. Use this money to unlock new characters and engage them in the next battle. Each character (dragon) has a different power. So, find out and look at the enemy’s lineup so that they can form a final squad. This time, the game will have a lot of different areas to fight, some maps that the publisher announced it is Forest of Hope, Fire Mountain, Shipwreck, Wind Temple, Sky Temple … also, the session The latest version of the game has updated a new area called Cavern Ruins. With a large number of maps, make sure you will never feel bored with this game.


If you love 3D graphics then sorry, Pocket Dragons do not make you happy. The game has a pretty pixel graphic; it’s like Kairosoft’s Dream Town Story. However, these games bring a new experience that no modern game can do. Laughter, the moments after school relax, hours of stress. More than fun gameplay, a storyline depth. Sure, Pocket Dragons will be a great gift for those who like simplicity.

Sum up

Even though it’s a simple game, Pocket Dragons MOD still has the high-end features of a role-playing game such as PvP, online, tournament rankings … This is a game for those who love the Simple to find leisure moments after hours of stressful work. Pocket Dragons only has a capacity of 50MB, which will be a meaningful gift if you know what it is.

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