Pocket Era APK (Update v1.1) Mod God Mode, Damage


There are a lot of Pokémon-like simulation games on Android and iOS, such as Pokémon Go, which is an extremely successful Niantic product. This is a copyrighted game from Nintendo and Pocket Era seems to be a non-genuine product. However, it is still a very attractive game with lots of interesting features. Still the old-fashioned gameplay, it is the players who make themselves Pokemon, then train them and bring them to fight. To make it easy to imagine, the way it plays is quite similar to Digimon Links – a Pokemon-style game recently released.

Download Pocket Era Mod God Mode, Damage APK latest for Android

Digimon is an extremely well-known anime/game series in Japan as well as in many other countries around the world, featuring the adventures of selected children who overcome the dangers of rescuing the world from the threat of Digital World, along with them are the “digital beast” possesses extremely cute and mischievous personality. And the game we’re tracking Pocket Era is based on this familiar theme, but the gameplay has a bit of change that players are going to look for Pokemon present everywhere on the map and try to catch them and train them to become a pet.

Basically, Pocket Era Mod APK is a virtual pet game combined exciting adventures with a tremendous amount of Digimon, players can immerse themselves in these “pet” through gatcha feature or the rewards that come with passing daily tasks. Pocket Era also owns the familiar Evolve feature of this series, as players increase their Digimon to a certain level and have enough material needed to evolve into a new form, with new indexes, skills as well as new looks. However, you can also use the money you have to buy gems to enhance your pet.

In addition, Pocket Era for Android also allows players to choose between playing solo when crossing stage or co-op with friends, and join the fight to reduce the difficulty of the game. Of course, you can also participate in PvP mode to compete with other players, the higher the rank, the more valuable the reward.

– God mod
– Energy
– 2 × Attack

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