Pocket Legend Adventures (Update v1.0.0) Mod

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  • Update: October 29, 2017 at 6:33 pm
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If you are a fan of the mobile role-playing genre, Pocket Legend is a quite familiar name. It has been around since 2010 and so far it has become one of the best tactical games that the gamer community has picked up. Spacetime Studios recently announced the release of Pocket Legend’s predecessor, Pocket Legend Adventures. It promises to be the best adventure game on Android and iOS this year.

Download Pocket Legend Adventures APK+DATA Mod for Android/IOS

Pocket Legend Adventures will be an improved version of Pocket Legend, however, it will be as two different games as the manufacturer has improved on the new play, graphics, sound and all the characters are also rework can be considered as a complete molt rather than a remake. However, we do not need to worry because the story remains, even the characters are familiar so that players do not feel surprised before a completely new game.

The story of the game is set in Alterra, a place full of death and disasters. The Queen Elf needs your help to bring the land back to its peaceful times. Like other role-playing games, Pocket Legend Adventures will provide players with 3 character classes to choose from: Ursan, Avian, and Elves. Each character class has different characters, using new skills and you can use them in your battles.

All the warriors that you control in this game are animals with animated cartoon graphics painted in a fun 3D style. The mission of the player is controlling the heroes adventure in the worldwide game, conquer dangerous series of the challenge, gathering weapons, protective items, upgrades and gradually defeating the enemy to bring the kingdom of Alterra out of the wicked. Except for the Solo mode, Pocket Legend Adventures also includes interactive Co-op and PvP combat, as well as an integrated online chat system where global gamers can chat with funny emoji.

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