Pocketown (Update v1.2.0) Mod VIP 15/One Hit Kill

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  • Update: August 4, 2017 at 1:55 pm
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Pocketown can be considered as a salvation for gamers who want to try the latest version of Pokemon without spending money to buy the game. First, there is one word to talk about this game: Excellent. Because the game almost copies all pictures and gameplay of the latest Pokemon game – Sun and Moon. Now you will be meet the professor Kukui, 2 main characters – boy and girl, with super-familiar Pokemon kinds (some of them surely were changed color or a little bit different designed to avoid copyright issues).

Download Pocketown APK v1.2.0 Mod VIP 15/One Hit Kill latest for Android

Fights in Pocketown for Android still keeping the core is turn by turn fight mechanism, each kind of Pokemon can learn and use 4 skills for every fight until they were defeated. You can even evolve (if you qualify) to make Pokemon stronger.

Still, a familiar storyline when playing a young animal trainer walking the path to becoming the best. Your companions are creatures of extraordinary power or ability. When playing you will catch the wild Pokemon one by one and upgrade them to make your team more various powers or upgrade your basic team.
Built in an open world, you will freely explore the beautiful landscapes that were designed in 3D and complete the different mission from challengers, Elite 4 or catch legendary Pokemons to save the world. In addition, Pocketown also opens guilds and exchange Pokemon feature that players can freely interact with others.
Further, you also have opportunities to join in unique PvP fights in many battlefields that allow 4 players to fight at the same time. Let’s join in and experience a strategy playground simulate the famous Pokemon style!!

New Content
2P Instance*
2P Battle*
New Pets*
Royal Battle(Death Mode)*
Mega R1 Mount*
New Pet
120 new Pet from 1-4 generation and new Mega Evolution
New Gameplay
1. 2P Dungeon
2.2VS2 Battle : trainers can make team with friends or guild members and have real-time 2VS2 battle with others
3.Royal Battle (Death Mode)
In Death Mode of Royal Battle, the rule is different. Trainers must fight until the last one.Battle will be tough and exciting.

Pocketown APK mod features

  • VIP 15/One Hit Kill
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