PUBG: Thrilling Battlefield APK (PUBG Mobile by Tencent)


As you know, shooting games are one of the most exciting games of all time. Because it fulfils all human needs for a tool that can satisfy their longing desires. Recently a game called PUBG suddenly rose to become the hottest game, with a large number of players. It’s a shooter game with a survival factor that makes the game’s finesse increase dramatically as you fight not only to fight but to fight to the last. You are the last survivor. Tencent, a major game developer in China, bought the game’s copyright and turned it into a mobile game called PUBG: Thrilling Battlefield. Let me know something about it.

The complete version of PUBG on mobile

This is not the only game that Tencent made when signing a contract so profitable. The game also has a twin brother named PUBG: Army Assault. All of them are Tencent’s mentally challenged kids on the mobile platform but are designed by two different studios, so apparently, there will be some differences between them. Army Assault is under the arms of Timi Studio Group and the collaboration with Bluehole should be said that this is an original game with the technology Unreal Engine 4 beautiful. Thrilling Battlefield is an innovation of Lightspeed & Quantum Studios Group under Tencent Games for this famous game.

Say a bit of background information about the leading group making up this game. In fact, Lightspeed and Quantum are two different studios working on the game, but by 2014 most Quantum employees move in and work for Lightspeed. So they both merged and took the same name. Lightspeed & Quantum Studios Group has been a pioneer in the development of 6 PC online games, ten web browser games, and six mobile games. Nearly all of them are favoured for their appeal to colour and gravity, resulting in brilliant success and a strong backbone to Tencent’s development.

Unreal Engine 4 technology

All I wrote down here is personal speculation through the recently released trailer for thePUBG: Thrilling Battlefield game. Although it is obvious and indeed will appear in the official game but the publisher still refused to tell the difference between the two titles that the game itself produced. Because manufacturers want most gamers to download and enjoy both games to understand then choose a game that suits their game. But one thing is for sure, the Unreal Engine 4 technology will be the core of both games so you can be assured of their appeal.

Gameplay does not have much change

Still the old story of a plane full of people and drop down a desert island to be able to survive by destroying all the people around. Various types of characters and weapons are still guaranteed in this mobile version. There are some comments that it responds to 90% of the original game’s fun and only a few changes make it different. In that, you can talk about fun costumes that you can equip your character. Still, the forests, grasslands, houses and rivers are delicately crafted to help players interact extremely well with the environment.


PUBG: Thrilling Battlefield has over 50 different weapons, along with a variety of mobility vehicles such as motorcycles, cars…Just like the official PC version, large-scale assault rifles are very rare, players need to move to many places to find these guns. Because in such a survival game, having in you the most advanced weapons will be much better. Do not forget to look for the necessary equipment such as shoes, backpacks, armour…

Sum up

It can be said that these two games are very successful in successfully reproducing a game is hot on the mobile platform. In the dozens of clones that are floating in the gaming market, they are the names that have the most excellent competitive edge because of their co-operation with the original Bluehole publisher. The promising game will be a name worth mentioning in the coming time, and there will be more favourable changes that make it unique compared to the PC.

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