For players who like action, Player Unknown Battleground is a familiar name. This is a hit product of Blue Hole Corp. was born a few years ago, but its hotness has not been reduced. Tencent Games is launching PUBG MOBILE for mobile phones to meet the increasing demands of users. Let’s find out what unique features the game can bring.


Join the PUBG MOBILE; many players will be taken to a deserted island. Up to 100 players on the island include you so you must destroy the other players to get the highest ranking in each battle. Look for the best guns for the character and get the other items needed for this survival game.

Players need to run through the streets, go to the houses to get necessary items such as clothes, gunpowder or other essential items. Not only that, but you also need to get your hands on cars, canoes or trucks … as long as they can help you move faster to reach other places thanks to the maps provided in the game. Team up to participate in the game; open voice chat to chat and support each other if the team members have difficulty. Fight each other when enemies come near and quickly kill other players. Not only that, PUBG MOBILE is a pleasant environment for friends all over the world. Depending on the different players that you choose, you can consider it a bridge to get acquainted with other friends who share similar interests with you. Communication with different people also helps you to improve your language level if you have many foreign friends.

Interface and graphics

Space in the game is built on the technology Unreal Engine 4 quite meticulous as a real island, with trees, houses, abandoned cars and other people are prowling to destroy. So vibrant sound effects and sharp images will make you wonder. Characters are also designed in various continents such as Asia, Europe, Africa … and the clothes are neat and convenient. The items appearing in PUBG are vibrant, especially the weapons. From the most used guns or different types of grenades, every product is designed and compelling as in real life. Not only that, there is a new weapon that has just been listed on the list is the pan. If you want to experience a bitter death for the enemy, it would seem that using a pan would be a good option.


With a small number of downloadable games and the most heartfelt comments from users, it shows the impact that PUBG MOBLIE brings. With just an internet connection, you can join your friends on your phone, no matter where you are. Many of the new features that have just been updated will not disappoint you when you come to the game. Download PUBG MOBILE today to experience the most dramatic matches.

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