Punchhead APK (MOD Money)


Are you a person who likes new things, things that give you a sense of excitement and enthusiasm to make you crazy for it? If so, have you ever tried a boxing match? An extremely exciting and dangerous sport that is both refreshing, punchy, seemingly invisible, full of direct and easy to carry technical and power calculations. Join the game Punchhead. Punching on will cause the opponent to be knocked down as quickly as possible, or how to dodge the enemy’s attack to hit their weaknesses and can manage to roll out a hook to the technique.

Kills opponents within a single hit. For such exciting and dramatic matches, it is hours of hours spent practising the strict diet of the boxers. Taking flesh in exchange for glory, that road has never been easy. And to understand more about the lives of the fencers, the publisher of bin chicken games has launched its first game called Punched, promising to bring you matchmaking matches with the fighters. Full of fun.

Gameplay: Fun is not over

As a boxing-themed game,Punchhead indeed portrays the rough and chic simplicity of the title game, which is exceptionally well suited to the blazing battles of the game. When you participate in the game, you will be playing a boxing boxer damage. You can choose yourself a boxing character that you love, then join in races. Around the box office are a lot of other boxers watching and shouting while you play, I wonder why are not the passionate boxers or the hot seat on watch, Match and bet your favourite player? But perhaps the game has a bright connotation whenever there may be a gladiator dancing to the station (because excitement is too?). While fighting fiercely, do not forget to keep an eye on the blue ring for your blood.

And when it shows signs of severe decline, quickly recharge with delicious food that is both delicious and useful to survive on the racetrack and beat down the other lousy opponent, or you will be the same. Bad guy there. After each match, you will be rewarded accordingly, and you will use them to increase your power, buy lots of food and new costumes to decorate your gladiator. When fighting, use useful skills to help your gladiator avoid attacks and make technical punches, causing the opponent’s blood to drop rapidly and knock you out as fast as possible.


With the rugged simplicity of the sport, the game is also designed with simple features. All the skills you have are only moves and punches. Having a shop with a lot of costumes and dishes for you to choose, just fit the pocket just made you more exciting, better survive it. Would it be interesting to have a “pizza” in the middle of the fight right? And whenever and wherever you go, there’s a rush of violence, and there are other gladiators jumping on the radio, which will challenge your acumen when a double or triple What are you going to do to survive and defeat all your goals? Dresses that are unlocked should be as high-profile, high-end players as you can get even better outfits.

Graphics and sound

With amazing graphics and fun, you will experience the feeling of standing on a real hail. The characters are fierce fighters designed to look fierce but the more realistic the look, the more humorous and exciting. The wings are also designed very poisonous and strange. A real monster with a lot of gladiators cheer, bright colours make your experience easier and more fun. The sound is focused and quite exciting, bringing more excitement to a game that is already dramatic.

Sum up

Boxing, the sport seems roughly how many people love it is a sport? Is it a sport that delivers excitement and excitement? Download and experience Punchhead APK and you will know the answer. An interesting and exciting game awaits you, but do not hesitate to join soon!

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