There was a girl who exclaimed to me, “Aww, so cute” after watching the PUZZLE STAR BT21 MOD APK trailer. Be assured that the game is exceptionally elaborate designers in the process of making each character appearance makes people feel they are cute. Moreover, its gameplay is lovely even for adults and children. You can play whenever you have free time, 3 minutes or 5 minutes to play. Let’s find out some interesting points.

The game is produced and distributed by LINE Friends Corporation. This is a well-known corporation from Korea. In addition to the messaging app and social networking LINE, they also focus on developing a number of entertainment games for mobile phones. Some of the cool games you can try are Brown Run, Jumping Brown, Sally Tower …


When you launch the game, you will see a short trailer (about 30 seconds) of two AI robot friends VAN and TATA are on their journey to Earth. They start looking for their friends to be able to start. Adventures become a UNIVERSTAR. But things do not seem comfortable at all because of the obstacles on the way to do the task a lot. Players play cute characters in the game to solve puzzles and help them overcome the most difficult challenges.

But the main task of the game is not as difficult as you imagine. Merely Collect blocks, Collect Melody blocks, Remove Iron blocks, Light bulbs. If you play this game enough and long enough, it will feel much easier. The game will show the available blocks, and you will have to draw in a space containing the corresponding blocks available. If you create a horizontal or vertical line, it will disappear and add points to you. This looks like a standard puzzle game. However, if you make more and more blocks disappear at the same time, the items falling out for you are more useful for the next move.Clear lines with a variety of boosters and items will cause TATA to quickly gain points. Necessary to become UNIVERSTAR


Especially the character design of the game is not the same as any other puzzle games of the same genre. The BT21 members’ trendsetting fashion styles are only available in PUZZLE STAR BT21! Enter the game and create your outfit that is different but also trendy. Besides, the costumes not only to decorate but also bring you particular strengths to support the process of completing their duties. Also, the game will be more fun when you invite more friends to participate in this game. Share your BT21 news on Facebook and make friends with other users. The more you have in the game, the more hearts you will exchange. This item is handy during gameplay.

Sum up

An extremely entertaining game, designed for all ages. In fact, it has captured the hearts of many in the gamer community with over 500,000 downloads in just two short weeks. Certainly this number will continue to rise because the game will be updated manufacturers constantly updated the latest features.

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