Quantum Siege Mod APK (Gold/Damage)

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  • October 22, 2017
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Perhaps one of the most appreciated points in the Quantum Siege game is the beautiful 3D graphics that come with unique character designs. Quantum Siege takes place at a time when humans are on the verge of extinction and you are one of the last survivors in the world. Of course, it is set in the future world so there will be many strange characters in the game from the automatic robot to the knight with lighting sword, the players who love the sci-fi scenes will definitely want to try this game.

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These game missions are built your base, fight enemies and win the battle. You will start with a small base with just a few guards and start developing it into a true fortress to defend the enemy attacks from ordinary soldiers to war giant machines. In addition, the card system allows you to collect units that use in order to against other players, you can easily take it by opening the magic box or buying by gold after the battle. Of course, each card has different combat characteristics, parameters, activation skills, and different internalities, and even the summon time of each card has a certain number of different. So you must learn carefully to find out a suitable card combo to deal with the types of situations and enemies the game brings.

In each chaotic battle, you also have the ability to rotate the screen up to 360 degrees to cover all the situation is happening to be able to coordinate the troops and cards in a reasonable way. Featuring attractive gameplay and beautiful graphics, Quantum Siege is predicted to be a MOBA card game that will be equally loved by Clash Royale.

Quantum Siege Mod APK Main Feature

  • Best 3D graphics on mobile
  • Highly innovative 360 ° Spinning Battlefield (™)
  • Take part in exciting PVP matches and online tournaments around the world every weekend
  • Nearly 20 different heroes
  • Various skills, each hero will have many different skills
  • Daily tasks are continuously updated
  • Interesting plot
  • Supports over 10 different languages
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