Samurai of Hyuga Book 3


Come to the Samurai of Hyuga Book 3, the sequel to the famous novel. Where players can role-play different roles to answer the questions, the mystery that people do not explain. Currently, the app is off 33% until the end of December 7.

Life is never easier for our favorite Ronin! The journey continues, where imagination and reality alternate, collide. Make the reader highly focused and patient enough to be able to wait for pages to be downloaded for the next episode. Be ready to prove why you are the most talented Ronin in the world of Samurai of Hyuga.
Become a judge, jury or even your fellow executioner. Follow the path of the detectives, unravelling a mystery or some devil! Face your grim past and fight for your future as a student struggling with the way of life to become a responsible teacher. Discover the fragile boundary between being a lover or a monster, and be prepared to overcome that barrier.

Samurai of Hyuga Book 3 is the sequel to the famous Samurai story of the Hyuga clan. Your favorite character is told by Devon Connell and also where you choose to control the story. The read application for the player is made entirely of writing on the text – no need for any graphic design or sound effects or even needing huge space to fight like other games, the power of weapons or rivalry are unstoppable of your imagination.
• Make the law a possession in your own hands as you bring justice to grinding into the rules of law!
• Unravel the mysteries of the devil and discover the truths you never thought could happen!
• Finding true love (or looking for something like that) is like fighting the despair into a brighter reality!

Also, the application also provides new features are all the details; the software is updated regularly and timely so as not to affect the overall operation of the app as well as the user.
There are more interesting things awaiting you in the third book of this epic series on Samurai Hyūga! Let’s welcome the events, controversy and unexpected new light.

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