The Sandbox 2 Evolution (Update v1.3.9) Mod Money


The Sandbox 2 Evolution is the next part of The Sandbox, a building game in a free world. Here, players can freely create and make their own paradise on the background of unique pixel graphics.

Download The Sandbox 2 Evolution APK v1.3.9 Mod Money latest for Android

After releasing the first version of The Sandbox in 2012 and getting the resounding success, the Pixowl recently has continued to release The Sandbox 2 version called The Sandbox Evolution, promising to bring the fans a new experience.

In The Sandbox 2 Evolution APK Mod, the player plays the role of a God capable of control nature. You have the power to create soil, water, rock, fire, plants, animals,… You can also create rain, snow, call the sun, moon, make electricity, flood or activate volcano…
In The Sandbox Evolution, there are over 170 different items and elements for players to customize their world, experiencing 13 different levels of difficulty. Remember that there are no limits to your creativity and imagination in The Sandbox 2 Evolution world.

If talking about how to play, you will have the feeling that The Sandbox 2 Evolution for Android is quite similar to the building Godus Land game. However, it was built with pixel graphics, quite similar to Minecraft. It is these special things that create a strange attraction for the game.
If you don’t figure out how to play The Sandbox Evolution, you won’t need to worry too much about the first level in the game. Players will be instructed in each operation to use and combine different elements. You can also unlock new elements for unlimited control and creativity. If you want to explore more about this playground or are looking for a new and exciting game experience, why don’t try The Sandbox Evolution right now?

Outstanding features of The Sandbox 2 Evolution on Android

– Build your own pixel world
– Build your world from scratch or from a given mold.
– Click to drop the elements, use two fingers to zoom in or out, rotate to move.
– Build the world 10 times bigger than the world in the previous version of The Sandbox.
– Release factors
– 170 factors can be mixed and combined to create a unique result.
– Create mud, sand, fire, metal, electricity, acids, larvae and more.
– Create life
– This God game begins with light touches. Players can add creatures such as dogs, bears, tigers, lions and more into their
own worlds.
– Create plants and tree to beautify the surrounding environment.
– Build a city with houses, castles or snow tents.
– Make life more lively, fun with the appearance of humans.
– 8 Bit Pixel graphics and music
– The game is built on a simple and humorous pixel graphics.
– 8 Bit pixel graphics are drawn with over 100 different colors.
– Music is chiptune retro music.

Mod features

  • Mod money
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