Sangoku Justice APK – Apocalypse of Japan?

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  • Update: February 9, 2018 at 8:47 pm
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Sangoku Justice is an action game combined with unique tactics with a very deep storyline and different from the current genre. Seems like this will be a turn-based combat game built on 2D graphics to create an anime character often seen in the prevailing Japanese games. Please look forward to its launch in the spring of 2018 offline. The publisher plans to limit CBT participants to Android to 2,000 and another 2,000 for iOS. So please register to experience the game as quickly as possible.


In 2038, Japan was on the verge of collapse due to a sharp decline in the population because of the low birthrate compared to the annual mortality rate. Thus, the Japanese government lifted the ban on life science and mass-produced fine citizens. They conspired that the policy would be a major push in rebuilding their country and bring it back to its former glory. The neighbours are beginning to fear for their future as a result of this policy which will make a powerful fascist empire rise again.

But the protests began to be carried out by supporting anti-government organizations, prompting them to spark a civil war that broke out in the country. That is probably the best way to separate the unification of the people of Japan so they can not flare up again.

The future of Japan depends on you

After two years of struggling between mainstream and anti-militant organizations, the battle seems to have fallen and the situation can not be resolved. At this moment a third force began to rise very strongly and became one of the three major powers. It was the underworld boss in the international criminal world who stood behind the support that could quickly take on such a terrible position in this civil war.

A government organization with the motto “Strong Japan” vowed to fight hard for the country, an organization that was incited by the foreign government against the government to curb the rise of the nation. This and the underground organization backed by the international bosses fighting each other create a struggle between struggles. This endless war only made the people and this small country fall and miserable without a way out. The future of Japan is not clear at all, it is always unknown to the three forces fighting over each other.

Sangoku Justice games for Android and iOS will arrive in the summer

A world where humans are created is no different than an insane fighting machine, given to the front line to fight in an unprofitable war. Death to them is no longer a meaningful thing for the teammates, no more tears and tears. Where will this country go if this scene continues to continue for years without end?

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