Spell Chaser Mod APK v1.0.0 (Damage/Diamond)

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  • November 28, 2017
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Spell Chaser is a tactical role-playing game from Mobirix, released on both Android, iOS and PC platforms. With the massive generous treasure, combos, beautifully designed, and many attractive features promise to bring players extremely interesting moments.

Download Spell Chaser Mod APK v1.0.0 (Damage/Diamond) for Android

The only 3D game classified VIP based on character skills, the higher the skill gets more incentives. Not to stop there, the Spell Chaser also brought countless exciting activities on the margins such as marriage, birth, decorator…When you start participating in this game, the player will be selected and customized to their favorite character, followed by the player who needs to control the character, take them to destroy the dark forces that are growing throughout the universe and is threatening the lives of so many people. Of course, the Spell Chaser is still in the familiar killing style, the player will control the character, along with the launch of the trick from the virtual buttons on the screen.

The most popular and interesting feature in this game is PvP Online or join the group with hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Players can also play in the way of daily tasks. Each day when logged in, the system will give you many tasks that you need to pass such as secret mail or boss. The more tasks you complete, the higher the bonus will be, the more players will get more bonuses. This money can be used to upgrade your character, equipment, and weapon to a new level.

Main feature

1. Multiplayer tactics
Possessing 12 characters in combination with 9 classes creates massive treasures of unprecedented heights. Each character combination has different tactics that make the battle never boring.
2. Free trading
The Spell Chaser possesses a unique market system, allowing players to trade, exchange rare items and valuable items.
3. No VIP, no Star
Spell Chaser hasn’t VIP or stars charge, it’s based on character skills. The higher your skill will receive the more incentives from the system.
4. Many new features
Spell Chaser possesses many different features such as Hot water bath, birth, adoption, maze …
5. Creativity
With hundreds of different ways to create different looks, will make your character shimmering without touching any other player. Embracing shopping, decorating for his beautiful, gorgeous, arranged the interior of his own.
6. High community
Up to 90% of the quests in the game requires teamwork, so invite a lot of friends to play the game to increase the chance of receiving rare items.

With a host of exciting features, exciting activities for the players to fulfill, Spell Chaser Mod APK will bring players extremely enjoyable moments after hours of work, learning stress. Currently, the game is being released for free on the Android and iOS app marketplace with lots of attractive features awaiting you.

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