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SPILLZ is the best puzzle game for Android operating system mobile devices, provided by publisher Kwalee Ltd. As we have seen in just two months of release, this game has gained a huge amount of downloads (100000). After the second update with many new enhancements, we think this is an attractive game that you can not miss this October. Let’s explore the features of this game SPILLZ offline.

Download SPILLZ Mod APK (Unlimited Coins) latest for Android

First of all, the interface and style of the SPILLZ game are very simple. You will see blocks stacked on top and a pot filled with rounded balls. When you touch any block it will disappear and the pot will fall down. You will have to keep your balance so that when it falls to the ground, the pots must have as much ball as possible. Simple as that, but just after the first few levels, SPILLZ proved to be a tough guy. The cubes are arranged very tangled, you just carelessly touch the wrong side, the also made the fallout, so careful calculation.

The more you hold the ball when the pot touches the ground, the more points get. If the number is over 80 you will get 3 stars, the number of balls over 70 will be 2 stars and over 50 will be 1 star, however, if the ball count in the pot below 50, you will have to play this stage again. SPILLZ Mod APK design is simple because it’s a game to entertain after hours of hard working and learning, so the producer does not care about the graphics of the game, but rather the way the game works, like the puzzles contained in it.

SPILLZ Mod APK Main Features

  • Apply some physics and mathematical knowledge to overcome the gameplay, from which you can both increase your thinking ability and be able to review the long-held physics knowledge.
  • More than 100 different levels of increasing difficulty
  • Simple graphics, fun
  • Low data
  • Multi-platform support: Android, iOS
  • Supports many different languages

Overall, SPILLZ is an exciting puzzle game for everyone. Joining the game, you will have the opportunity to learn a lot of useful knowledge in the field of Physics and Mathematics. Thereby developing your brain more intelligent and sensitive.

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