Star Shooters: Galaxy Dash MOD APK (God Mode/High Damage)


Although only released in two weeks, however, Star Shooters: Galaxy Dash has brought over 500,000 downloads and installs. This is a fun entertainment game for those who want to kill time, especially, you can play online with a lot of people in multiplayer mode. The game has pretty classic gameplay, it looks simple to everyone, but if you’ve ever tried it, it’s going to make a lot of people angry. Trust me The game was released by Aladin Fun, a small studio from Hong Kong. Some of their favourite games that you can try are Smash Island 3D, Piggy Boom-Piggy Survival … Star Shooters: Galaxy Dash is a very attractive game. At first glance it looks like some classic shooter game like Falcon Squad, however slowly you will find it a fun game, much more attractive.

Move horizontally

Unlike other shooter games, Star Shooters has new gameplay, moving horizontally, the context also varies with the distance you drive. The monsters will appear unexpectedly everywhere, try to destroy them and dodge the bombs that they create. In the game, you will be playing a pirate, your mission is to rescue five captains, and hundreds of other crew members are arrested. Hold the gun in your hand; you will have to overcome many hazards, fighting with a variety of different monsters.

Collect bonuses and a variety of weapons

In the process of killing monsters along the way, you will have the opportunity to pick up a lot of money and different weapons. Try to pick up everything you can, but be careful because it can be a perfect trap. Use the bonus you get to unlock items in the shop, buy more ammo and upgrade your weapons. There are over 500 different bosses in the game that you must overcome; they are big monsters, healthy. So, before confronting them, find yourself buying powerful rifles, multiple ammunition. Buy quality armour and fight a battle with them.

Challenge with friends

Star Shooters: Galaxy Dash has a multiplayer mode and challenge mode. You can join with your friends; two people support each other to overcome the difficult challenges in the fastest way. Also, you can challenge your friends, fight with them to see who gets more achievements.

Graphics & Sound

The game has a simple 2D graphics; the details are designed in a fun cartoon style, ensuring you get exciting moments with this shooting game. As an entertainment game, Star Shooters is lightweight (21MB), so you can download games and relax on your phone anytime, even without a network connection.

Sum up

With its lightweight, fun, engaging gameplay, Star Shooters: Galaxy Dash deserves an entertaining game for everyone to choose. Currently, the game has not been released yet, but you can download it from the link below. In particular, our MOD version is also ready for you to experience.


– God-Mode
– High Damage
– Max Fuel

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