Star Terk Timelines APK v4.0.1 (MOD Money)


You love science fiction films because they always give us interesting and unusual things when exposed, feel things outside the universe that we never know. Large spaceships, space on the galaxy with white streaks made up of beautiful planets. And the modern equipment of the astronauts from Hollywood films about science fiction always makes the viewer feel as if the true life experience of the characters there. And it would be great if we could use our spacecraft to explore the universe. Come to Star Terk Timelines to make that dream come true. Currently, the game is being released for free for both Android and iOS platforms. If interested you can download this game at the link below with quite a compact size. Compatible with all current mobile devices.

Based on the original Star Trek series

If you have seen the Star Terk movie series, this is an immersive action game that you can not ignore. Join the game Star Terk Timelines; you can choose different characters because the game features hundreds of characters created from Star Terk as Captain James Kirk courageous and strong, deputy Spock steadfast, sets Superintendent Uhura lively communication department … each character has its unique techniques of the universe, such as in movies and comics. After that, players will be confronted with hostile forces by using state-of-the-art weapons such as 3D spacecraft. The game has many different game modes such as PvE, PvP Battle Arena. You can also try ahead of the sailors on the ship to determine if there is a lot of victories if fighting with the enemy types.

Try to pilot the 3D spaceship and explore the vast universe. Join community events to accumulate your achievements. Call upon allies such as the Federation, the Maquis, the Dominion, the Terran Empire … to co-develop to master the sky. The game is only usable when there is a network connection for the player to be able to participate in the Leader Board rankings. Collect prizes, rare rewards in the game combined with performing secret missions to protect the galaxy as well as discover new civilisations that have not yet arrived.

Graphics and features

The design of weapons, equipment and spaceships can be said to be the highlight of the game because they are the most used and an essential means of determining victory. The characters in the Star Terk Timelines are beautifully shaped, very stylish for the astronauts, the three travel throughout the universe. Depending on the location of the fight or the target selection, you can character as per your preference. In the battles between the factions, the sound from the weapons is also very catchy, true. Extraterrestrial space is also designed with detailed lines detail. The colours of the planets, the galaxy with meteorites around harmonize, create a sense of reality, fly to the player.


As a tactical action game, Star Terk Timelines will be an indispensable spiritual food in the cosmic games collection that fans of science fiction movies love. With the mission to explore the universe and protect the galaxy from the dark forces. You will experience the use of spaceships, driven by your favourite characters. You can also collaborate with allies built on the Star Terk series Discovery. Everything is possible when you have Star Terk Timelines MOD on your phone. You can find out more about the game through the trailer or try it now. The design and modernity of Star Terk Timelines will not disappoint you.

MOD: Money (Coming Soon)

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