Stickman Destruction 4: Annihilation APK (MOD Money)


After the success of Stickman Destruction 2: Ragdoll, Stickman Free Game continues to release Stickman Destruction 4: Annihilation as a sequel to the legendary survival game series Stickman Destruction. Stickman Free Game also introduced a new sequel equipped with many new updates and improvements over the previous version. If you are a speed lover, I think you should try both Stickman Destruction 2 and Stickman Destruction 4: Annihilation also. Those two game are funny and promising.

Attract players with simple and entertaining gameplay.

When playing Stickman Destruction 4: Annihilation, the gamers will transform into a stickman. Players will be able to drive a variety of vehicles, from a bike, motor, back truck, or heavy car drivers with extreme speed to the police car or even an ambulance! There is a rule you need to follow when entering the Stickman Destruction’s unique world: You are not allowed to stop until reaching the destination. Speed up and drive as fast as you can to destroy everything on the way and lead you to your goal with your reward. With Stickman Destruction 4: STOP is synonymous with LOSING THE GAME! Don’t forget this rule. Overcome each challenge; you will receive a significant bonus, accumulate and do not waste your bonus. You will need them to unlock higher levels and afford newer, smarter and faster vehicles! Are you ready to speed up and break all the physical limitations with Stickman Destruction?

Simple, fun, unique graphics and vibrant sound

Simple but unique graphics are what made the Stickman Destruction series in general and Stickman Destruction 4 in particular difference in the vast number of similar games in gameplay. Simple drawings and shapes are inspired by the funny pictures people often scrawl in boring moments in class or at work. The design of the game in the minimalism style from characters design, using colours to visual effects made this game unique and stood out from other games.
The sound-track of Stickman Destruction 4: Annihilation MOD APK is also an important factor making the game more engaging and unique. The entire soundtrack is recorded directly, creating a real and lively feeling. You will be impressed by the sound of explosions, rumbling or blockage, the crashing of cars, the explosion of bridges, broken bones, … with the impressive musical background. All will give you high excitement!

More updates and brand-new moves

In Stickman Destruction 4: The Annihilation, the publisher is very enthusiastic about the game. The added new features and upgrades to the game. There will be more vehicles for the player to ride and….destroy. This game promise to challenge every single physical limit. Moreover, for players who have played Stickman Destruction 2: Ragdoll, in this brand new version, Stickman Destruction 4: Annihilation will bring you new game locations, new levels with more challenging obstacles and new challenges…etc. Stickman Game Free also adds new heroes and new tricks to the game, promising a unique and satisfying experience.

In a nutshell

This is an entertaining game, especially suitable for car enthusiasts and rebels. Stickman Destruction 4: This annihilation promises to bring you new experiences with those different vehicles. Remember one thing before gaming: Do not stop until you finish the game and get your reward. Hope you guy will have some fun with Stickman Destruction 4: Annihilation!

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