Super Evolution Story APK (Mod Money)

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  • February 17, 2018
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  • Version: 1.6
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  • Update: July 22, 2018 at 3:22 am
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One of the new non-novel games is that it attracts the attention of the players for their uniqueness. Super Evolution Story is a smooth application of Original Paper Cut Style. The interesting hero story is so fascinating because the designers turn around the plot based on strange graphics like paper characters cut out of a comic book. That will bring you the most enjoyable experience that an RPG can bring.

Interesting stories

Speaking thanks to the unique graphics should lead to a unique world built for gamers to experience. Besides, it is an interesting story with many characters constructed on separate storylines. Each character you choose has a past of your own, so you have to learn and recognize the most appropriate game for them. Maximize your character’s power so you can climb to the top of the glory. But the game world is not too dark but opposite there are fun and interesting points to visit when you visit the game.

Although this is a tactical role-playing game, it’s not heavy on 3D graphics, so it gives the player a slightly more lighthearted feel for engaging in fierce battles. You will have to face other monsters that are extremely bloodthirsty and aggressive. To them there is no forgiveness, no benevolence, only killing. The broken bones make them very excited. You have to focus on fighting against them.

Character customization

Your character is also not a weak person when upgraded to regular strength. Players can comfortably increase their power thanks to the free evolution system. You can freely transform your character into any power depending on your strategy. But I recommend you rely on the nature of each character that optimizes their strength. Breaking up sometimes has unexpected effects but does not last long. Combining the power of the characters they possess into a full squad, their power to mutually support each other makes the strategy extremely formative.

Game content is very diverse so you can learn many days but not yet.
Adventure: An exciting and fun adventure with unique dungeons every time you decide to face tough challenges.
Challenge: Here you will earn a lot of ingredients to create items, but the devastating battles are always waiting for you in the front. And there’s plenty of fun stuff you’ll need to play in the game, such as Acquisition and development, Evolution, Patron Saint, Duel, etc. So download the game.

Sum up

Thanks to the unique graphics and the refined story, Super Evolution Story Mod is well received by the gaming community with more than 500,000 downloads in less than a week. But the game needs Android 4.3 and up to be able to install and play games. It’s not a requirement for such an exciting game. Please try the game offline.

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