Super Kung Fu All-Star – True 3D Fighting (APK & IPA Download)

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  • Update: April 5, 2018 at 1:45 am
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Have you ever heard about Kung Fu All-Star? Have you ever had the chance to experience the Kung Fu All-Star before? And you know the level of appeal and fun of this game already? So good news, you will feel even more exciting, more fantastic in Super Kung Fu All-Star. Are you ready?

Everything has appeared in the same way in the previous version and is now more refreshing and refreshing in this game. Based on the idea of a new Musou kung-fu action program, the game was revamped and introduced to players with a series of hard-to-resist hits. You will be the most formidable kung fu player with excellent skills, unbroken fighting spirit and amazing kung fu.

A series of new features in the game

Kung-fu is known as a long-standing Chinese technique. Coming to Super Kung Fu All-Star, you will have the chance to become one of the top 9 martial artists from legendary kung fu movies such as Game of Death, Once Upon a Time in China II and Experience. China’s top martial arts through street matches in the modern context. Fight your kung fu as a real battle when you are equipped with a variety of traditional fighting skills such as roll, jump, kick of kung fu.

Combined with the attacks are chemical phenomena with glare, so great! And more than that, suddenly not stop there, in each game, there is a Limit Soul Burst feature that helps transform monsters to fight more effectively and inflict more damage. The characters that you choose will have their own unique character skills, which will help you fight on all fronts. And to prove yourself, you have up to 104 stages equal to the difficulty levels of the game to conquer. Are you ready?

Graphics – Sound

You are wondering if there is anything outstanding in Super Kung Fu All-Star compared to the older generation’s brother? The answer is clear. Background game has been refreshed in a much more diverse and detailed way. From homes, windmills or roads, everything is meticulously painted. The characters are also simplified in terms of image but still enough to recognize the famous kung fu. The moves are more flexible, with a nice shadow effect. The accompanying sound is excellent, in keeping with the pace of your attacks, ensuring the nature of an antagonism is still a stimulus for the player. Is that enough to attract you?

Sum up

All elements of kung-fu are almost in front of the eyes. Any skill that exceeds standard skill. Every character is familiar with kung fu titles. Everything is so complete that you can experience the world of this top class. So wait no longer without loading Super Kung Fu All-Star and adventure with the Kung-fu genuine hit right?

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