Survivor Royale Mod APK v1.105 (Unlimited Ammo)


Survivor Royale is the most popular online shooter game on the AppStore today. Survivor royale is released by NetEase Games maker and you can download it for free now at the regular app marketplace for Android and iOS phones. Let’s take a look at the highlights of this survival strategy game.

Download Survivor Royale Mod APK v1.105 (Unlimited Ammo) for Android

Survivor Royale Mod APK has thousands of gamers around the world and you can join one of them. Like other survival games, the player’s task is to fight against many dangers outside, thousands of opponents are waiting to take you down, preserve your life and find yourself a nice position in this war of survival. And weapons are indispensable for your defense. In Survivor royale, you will have a variety of weapons and defense equipment, each of which suitable for the tactics you going to use. Try to win to unlock all these weapons.

In Survivor Royale, you will be given a selection of maps to play. Each large map of the game can hold up to 100 players acting on the same battlefield. Try to destroy as many of your opponents on the battlefield as possible and become the last survivor, who will eventually be honored and rewarded. However, at the beginning, you will not have the weapon and the costume, so to be able to have these things you need to carefully consider the terrain and find the secret place to have supplies of equipment to help yourself. Even if you’re lucky and have good eyesight, you can find a car with a weapon, which will definitely increase your chances of winning. The best survival tactic is always to hide from the enemy and find a way to attack, aiming the accurate shot.

With high-quality graphics, maps as well as a variety of weapons, Survivor Royale offers a very different feel. Players participating in this battlefield can fight with players in many different modes. Download this game from the link below and enjoy it!

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