Sword Art Online: Integral Factor APK (v1.0.1) Mod

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  • October 18, 2017
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Sword Art Online: Integral Factor APK (v1.0.1) Mod
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Sword Art Online: Integral Factor (SAOIF) was available for free download from the Google Play app marketplace. On Thursday, Bandai Namco announced the launch of a downloadable game for all gamers in the Japanese market on both Android and iOS. However, gamers all over the world have to wait a few days or can download with our .apk file path below. In order to be able to launch this game, you have to use an IP address in Japan, specifically, users can download the Hola VPN application on the application market to be able to connect to a Japanese IP exemption. For the Windows operating system, users can use an Android emulator from the third party like Bluestack to run the game.

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor (SAO:IF) Mod APK v1.0.0 latest for Android

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor (SAO: Integral Factor) will keep the party style and fighting boss style as the Sword Art Online game on the PlayStation. The fair of 2017 Tokyo Game Show is still underway and the famous Japanese publisher Bandai Namco has not missed the chance to introduce the most attractive MMORPG genre game to the mobile platform, Sword Art Online: Integral Factor. This is one of the rare mobile games produced based on the original Sword Art Online.

Although it was first released in 2009, Sword Art Online has not shown signs of cooling. The novels are in turn transformed into manga, anime, and games on various platforms. Keeping the story of the manga, the only way to live is to defeat all enemies. Death in the game means death in real life. With the Nerve Gear, ten thousand people plunge into a mysterious game called ‘Sword Art Online’, where they are forced into slaughter, killing each other in order to escape the scary virtual man-made world. Sword Art Online: Integral Factor will still keep the style of forming the team and fighting the boss as the game of Sword Art Online on the PlayStation. In addition, the game will help you get the perfect role-playing experience without VR technology support.

Similar to other Sword Art Online versions, SAO: Integral Factor for Android also takes the plot of the story in the first part of the series. Players will be able to play one of the 10,000 trapped persons in the virtual world of the game. If you want to escape from this place, you need to destroy all the monsters in all of 100 floors of the Aincrad citadel. Indeed, Sword Art Online: Integral Factor is one of the rare and unique games in this series where gamers do not play the main character. Players will be led by many familiar characters from the original, such as Kirito and Asuna, or Yuna in the new movie Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale will also appear in the game.

Currently, Bandai Namco has started to open early registration for the Japanese market. However, the official release date for the game has yet to be determined. It is known that a group of gamers will be selected to play the Closed Beta. We have obtained the APK file of this game and you can download it at the link below which we provide, have fun.

SAO: Integral Factor APK Mod: Damage, No Skill CD

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