Swords of Immortals (Update v1.0.1) Mod VIP, Skills, High Defense & Attack

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  • October 11, 2017
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Swords of Immortals is based on the original storyline of the same name used in the famous movie Reign of Assassin. Therefore, the producer Ujoy also promised this will be the first time gamers experience a world of magic and full of the impression.

Download Swords of Immortals APK v1.0.1 Mod VIP, Skills, High Defense & Attack for Android

Since launching in China, South Korea, or some other Asian country … Swords of Immortals has immediately attracted players from the cutting-edge storyline to many of the more prominent features in the game like Chinese air-fighting, Player Killing, or free trade. Basically, Swords of Immortals is built on high-end 3D graphics combined with bright colors, creating a unique world of swordplay. Graphical effects when throwing, blowing is also a little care of the manufacturer, to help players feel better when fighting, support maximum in dodging attacks or to launch the skills when Player Killing.

A highlight in the game as mentioned above is the game features in the transaction. Players can completely fight monsters, farm items or earn materials in the appendix to carry on trading. Players will receive gold unlocked every time the item is successfully sold, so you can buy more equipment for your character. The game also impresses with a variety of combat systems with a myriad of features that allow players to despise war, 1vs1, 2vs2, or multiple combats. After the fight, the rankings are the place where players show PK skills as well as receive valuable rewards corresponding to the effort and time spent.

In general, the Swords of Immortals gameplay is incredibly simple, and you do not need to do a lot of work on the screen, as there is an automatic fighting mode. The features in the game are not too complex and everything is outdone so there is not much to make you too curious and exploring, just need a little bit time. When the player’s character is stronger, of course, we will have to find a PK opponent. The game allows players to freely PK on the map or participate in activities like PvP, inter-server.

Main features of Swords of Immortals

1. Diverse maps
You will have to kill the monsters in the jungle to make money, the deeper into the large caves as many types of dangerous monsters, but also so that the items that you get when the last boss destroyed will be much more valuable.
2. Multiple combat modes
There are many ways to prove your power, including many different combat modes such as Huashan Duel, Team Dungeon, Guild War, Faction Battlefield and 1v1. This will be the time to prove what is the greatest hero.
3. Upgrade system
There are 8 powerful heirlooms waiting for you to discover. These are things that can help you increase your strength considerably. These items can also be crafted with precious stones to increase their potential.

Mod: VIP, unlimited skills, high defense & attack.

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