Download The Adventures Mod APK (Unlimited Gold/Diamond)

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  • October 31, 2017
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The Adventures is an addictive role-playing game released by MoreFun SEA, a game with graphics and sweet chibi pictures, gameplay, and an extremely exciting new plot. In this playground you will be playing a delivery knight, facing dangerous hardships along the way.

Download The Adventures Mod APK (God mode/Vip15) latest for Android

The story of The Adventures APK MOD talks about the adventures of a knight taking on the task of protecting his kingdom. You have to set out to explore the new land along with destroying demons to protect people everywhere. As soon as you enter the game, gamers will immediately be impressed with the extremely sweet chibi graphics of MoreFun. Not only are the softly drawn lines, beautifully coordinated colors but even the minutiae of the game, such as the scene, weapons are well invested to inspire the player. This is probably the common features of MoreFun’s titles. In spite of the role-playing, the stages in The Adventures is quite easy and interesting. Each screen does not last as long as the strategy game but has its own appeal.

You will control the knight by rolling the scene while calculating the skill selection to beat monsters and complete the quest along the way. After each mission, your character will receive experience points to help level and bonus points to increase power. In addition, gamers can upgrade their character and equip additional items. On the path of the knight, the knight will encounter many interesting players, in which countless beautiful girls. Offer gifts to them to build up their feelings. The higher the feelings, the more open and more you give them.

Designed for the exciting role-playing genre, The Adventures is optimized for mobile devices from content to control and suitable for casual or hardcore gamers. Rather than spending hours exploring the highlights of an RPG adventure, The Adventures contains a number of interesting little-needed players to explore.

Highlight features of the role-playing game The Adventures for Android

Funny adventures
Start an exciting adventure into the beautiful cities and towns of The Zur Forest, the Tamar Sand Land, the Stormrage Plain, the Giant Stone Relic, and meet the diverse local people. In every land, try to collect great gifts or items. During the journey, the player will meet new friends and be able to relate and maintain a long-term relationship. Of course, all relationships require sincerity, effort to cultivate through gift giving or simply ask each other daily.

3D graphics
The 3D graphics of the game are meticulously crafted, every move and map is working smoothly, with no minor flaws. You can also design your own character style.


  • Vip 15 – no clue what your perks but feel happy that you are vip 15
  • Things unlocked – again no clue if this works or not
  • God mode
  • Increase dmg

DMG increase is proportionate to your stats.
DMG and god mode mostly working everywhere (PvP only god mode working) and they are also applicable to your pets

Install Steps:
Install mod, put OBB, play

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