The Room 4: Old Sins

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  • December 31, 2018
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After launching on Steam, publisher Barry Meade said in early 2018 they would launch The Room: Old Sins (The Room 4) on the platform. This is really a good news for those who are fans of the horror combination puzzle. As many have known, the game The Room series was released in 2012 by Fireproof Games and Barry Meade. After five years of development, each year the manufacturer releases a new version, each with a new content and story. So, despite the many years, the charm of The Room series has never been hot.

A puzzle game difficult

Join The Room: Old Sins, the main task of the player is to solve difficult puzzles, along with the player will solve the challenge ahead by gathering enough evidence and unlock mechanism. the magic boxes. Because it’s a 3D game, the publisher also makes good use of touch-sensitive space to create a 3-dimensional image that makes the game experience so much more novel. This is hard to see on PC / PS4 devices.

In the fourth part of this famous horror-themed puzzle game, players will have to answer extremely difficult questions. The game’s story is about an engineer and his wife is suddenly missing in a two-story house on a deserted island. What is the mysterious power behind this puzzling disappearance? The task of the player is to find traces left on the loft of the house, where a lot of random items are random but there are mysterious inside. This is a dark room with a lot of distractions, follow the clues suggested by the system and dealt with the evidence to uncover the hidden secret. It’s all about the quintessence of the older guys, especially the third one. The highlight of the game is not in the content but in the graphics, but do not be disappointed with the puzzles and the total. Everything in the game is greatly improved by the publisher.

Outstanding graphics

If the match-3 games make you feel stiff, The Room: Old Sins will surely frustrate many people to find the answer to its challenges. As we have described above, scattered in the room are boxes and objects arranged in a disorderly arrangement. However, they are the crux of the problem, as well as the main storyline that the player must overcome. Games bring a whole new way of playing and experience. You can zoom in and zoom out, adjusting the viewing angle to 360 degrees so that you can see details of those objects. Sophistication will help you find the hidden details quickly.

The game has a simple and intuitive interface, players can easily get to know the first time open the game. At the same time, to get the best experience, we recommend using a headset by the air in The Room 4, which is truly complete when the sound and images are in line with each other. Because the details are so small and the player has to zoom in, it’s better to experience the game on a large screen device.


If you skip the sound in this game, it’s a huge flaw. A sound in the game is meticulously elaborate, so hard to find weaknesses. All the simulated sounds in the game are handled so correctly that everyone wears a headset to enjoy the game. You may not believe it, but this is the truth, wait until the game launches and Self-verification

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