Toca Life: Pets APK (Update v1.0)


Have you always dreamed of raising a cute pet but are living in an apartment that does not raise animals? Or do you just love to take care of pets without having to struggle? Download Toca Life: Pets on your smartphone and make that cute dream come true. Toca Life: Pets has hundreds of different types of pets to choose. Not only is pet care, this game also brings a whole new world of pets to the user.

Download Toca Life: Pets APK (Update v1.0) latest for Android

Toca Life: Pets just released recently by Toca Boca publisher. The game attracts both children and adults, as it is not only entertaining but also educates young children who love animals, their loyal friends. Did you know that Toca Life: Pets has over 120 different pets? These include not only familiar animals but also exotic animals. All of them are extremely cute and unique, with distinct characteristics. Players turn to explore all kinds of pets in this exciting game Toca Life: Pets!

Not only does your pet live at home, but you also have up to 5 exciting places to explore every day.
A pet park is a bustling place, attracting many players to come and go every day. Activities in the park are extremely diverse such as hiking on the river, etc. This is especially a great place for you to train your pet. Even the bushes bring a lot of interesting surprises.

Pet hotel: In real life, there will be times when you are away from home, and nobody cares for pets. And Toca Life: Pets also has a place for you to send pets until you are away. They will have their space to play.
Once your pet is sick, the first thing to do is to look for a veterinary clinic. In Toca Life: Pets also has a veterinary hospital, which is a treatment for pets, helping them to live a healthy life.

PET SHOP is where you will extremely like! There are thousands of accessories for pets, from clothing, footwear, hats to jewelry accessories. Thousands of items to buy here to make your pet look beautiful, stylish. And Cafe too! Take your pet to a cafe and have them enjoy the food and drink several times in their life.
BREEDER’S BUNGALOW: Wildlife sanctuary is the favorite place for pets, they are immersed in many fun games. A place full of animals everywhere, playing hide and seek is fascinating. Can you find your pet in such a place? Pets will be entertained in the marshes, where they enjoy. Do not worry when they are dirty because there will be large shower head cleaning them quickly.

Toca Life: Pets APK is a fun game with 3D graphics and cute image attracting players. Do you love taking care of lovely and unique pets? Quickly download this game and enjoy it!

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