Toy Attack APK (Update v1.5.1) Mod Coins/Diamond

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  • Update: October 18, 2017 at 7:13 pm
  • Available at: Google Play

Are you ready to fight in the shape of a giant robot? Toy Attack is a new action role-playing game recently released by Animoca Brands. After launching more than a month in the world, the game has reached over 100,000 downloads and logs daily, so the appeal of Toy Attack is undisputed. Let’s experience the game and explore what it is!

Download Toy Attack Mod Coins/Diamond APK v1.5.1 latest for Android

With Toy Attack, your task is quite simple, create your own robots then use it to fight all the other robots of all players in the world in a large arena. You have to make sure you are the last survivor, then you will be the winner and get a lot of valuable rewards. But things do not seem to stop there, the robots which you’ll create all programmed from the begin to the end and by artificial intelligence. You will have to design and upgrade as to reasonable to be able to win the opponent with your wisdom.

In addition, Toy Attack has one of the most attractive PvP arenas that is identical to today’s mobile MOBA games. You will have to create a smart, healthy robot and use it to fight for survival with a competitor in the arena. This competitor can be anyone in the world, or you can invite your friends to join. With the vast interaction of the game, robot creation, as well as combat, will never be boring.
One of the most features of the Toy Attack that cannot be ignored is multiform character dressing system and massive inventory. With each win you’ll have a certain number of coins, using it to upgrade the equipment and the latest technology for your robots so you can beat other opponents easily.

Key Features

  • Defeat all the opponents around the world, top the ranking and get the most valuable prizes. Use it to create the most powerful robots for yourself
  • Sit in the robot, control them and see how they beat your opponent
  • Create character in your own style
  • Combine the parts and the latest technology to create the most powerful robot
  • The game requires a network connection
  • With beautiful 3D graphics and a cutely animated character system, Toy Attack is both an entertaining game and a stress strategy game. Let’s download and install it on your phone and engaging in fiery battles with countless players all over the world.

Toy Attack mod features

  • Unlimited diamond
  • Unlimited coins
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