Transit City Touch (MOD money)


You must admire the city as beautiful as the city Rio de Janeiro of Brazil or Venice of Italy. Have you ever dreamed of visiting Florence, Italy to attend many art galleries and museums such as Uffizi, Bargello, Accademia Gallery, churches such as Santa Maria Novella, Santa Croce with beautiful architecture? Or Paris, beautiful France from the bend of green leaves to yellow when the weather turns, from the beautiful chairs in the metro or Haussmann Boulevard to the open street markets each week. You will admire and wish yourself to own the city luxury, magnificent. Then come to Transit City Touch to create your dream city and experience the relaxing moments with us. The game was released on January 24, 2018, by Atari, Inc., which produced a good response from gamers. However, games are currently only offered in certain countries. If you are worried about not finding a game on Google Play, we will provide an APK file below.

Publisher of RollerCoaster Classic Tycoon

Atari, Inc. is a game publisher for mobile phones from New York. Their games are mostly in the simulation category. Especially if you’ve played RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic, this is their game. Although not possessing a high-end graphics and new features, Atari Inc’s games always attract a lot of players around the world because of its authenticity.

Build a dream city

From the very first start you will get acquainted with the strategies in which the player acts as the master planner and leader of a city, top-down view, and then respond. Responsible for development and management. Players choose building locations and city management features such as wages and job preferences, and how to make the city grow accordingly. A modern and developed city where you direct all the activities that take place in that town. Your mission is to Place buildings, trade plays an essential role in your city and strives to create urban sprawl.

Create Transit Lines: A map that guides people and goods to where the character in the game is needed by expanding transportation, transportation.
Collect Accumulation: During the game, you will perform many quests, after each success, the game will open the card so you can search for new buildings, transportation, production and entertainment area. Please use the card in the collection to develop the economy, upgrade existing facilities to build your city.

Sound graphics feature

Skyscrapers, boulevards or green trees are carefully kept. 3D graphics depict scenes around the monumental bold identity of the city you create. Players will feel happy because the colors and sounds of fun, lively and mixed together to create a game worth to spend the time to experience.

Sum up

Requiring Android 4.0.3 or higher for a city-building game that makes people hesitate, but once you enter the game world, you will feel slightly different than other action games. Violence makes you stretch your brain every time you play. Despite its recent release, the relatively large number of installs is what the Transit City Touch APK has shown its appeal. Please come to this exciting game; please do not waste a moment. Finally, wish you a happy day!

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