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You’ve probably tried one of 2014’s hottest games, Flappy Bird. It is one of the most inhibited keywords but is played by many players for that extreme challenge. This year, 2018 is probably the year with the game TrapAdventure 2 – the sequel to the “TrapAdventure”. You will probably feel irritating, frustrating for this game because it causes you to lose time and again with unbelievable tricks. Let’s find out.

Best Retro Game

One is to buy a good case to protect your smartphone. Second, look for a thick mattress and sit on it for gaming. Third, be calm, so you do not have to buy a new phone. Then open the game and play. If you have done all three things but still cannot protect your smartphone do not risk trying this game again. If you plan to buy a new iPhone then just play.

Just a few seconds into the game you will understand why producer Hiroyoshi Oshiba added to the description of the game a very short but very capslock to clear the player “VERY STRESSFUL”. Let me tell you a little bit. As you enter the game, press the move and “kaboom” a trap falling or rising or falling or whatever the most unexpected way you cannot be prevented. Dead do not understand the reason. Each step of you triggers a trap.
EVER, “The producer also added a warning that if you are an angry or uncontrollable person, do not try this game. at any time. Because it will make you crazy right away. I swear to you. Do not even try once. It should be renamed to “Goodluck !! Sucker”

Gameplay is extremely difficult

One of the unexpected challenges of the TrapAdventure 2 game is that you have to play it on the smartphone screen. There will be two buttons to move to and fro to the left, you must use your thumb to click on it, and you must use your right thumb to click on the screen to the right for the dance moves. That’s right because the virtual buttons of the controller will cover a few points of the map. So if you go in, there will trigger the trap and make yourself die unfairly cannot do anything else. For the sake of imagination, remember the Mario game that was extremely popular with kids in the 1980s and 1990s, but it’s now harder to play with a flexible gaming controller.

Do not imagine when you have run through the long, dotted paths with spiky growth spikes, jump through large holes with fire or glide through the bricks floating in the bottomless pit is beyond overcoming the challenges. Your screens and avatars will quickly be brought back to the place of departure.

Many new features

TrapAdventure 2 APK has been put on the AppStore quite a long time, since 2016 but few people pay attention to it because it has quite ancient graphics, not attract players. But thanks to a 2-minute short video of a player posting on social networks, it has become a new phenomenon in the increasingly saturated gaming community. Game downloads have increased dramatically since then. The 10 million views for the video speak for a whole host of players in the gaming community in general and retro gamers in particular.

The graphics and sound of the game are not that superior, as I mentioned it is almost identical to the original Mario 8 bit game. The surrounding landscape is built by the bricks that brown soil is not very smooth but enough to distinguish where the character is. However, the movement of characters and their interaction with the game environment is well designed by the team. You just have to move or stand still for a long time; then the trap will be ready to activate immediately. Even if you turn back to a safe location like 1s ago, there was a trap waiting. That makes the game not be blamed too much on graphics. The sound in the TrapAdventure 2 game is just enough and like the series of regular games should have no defects in this respect.

Sum up

In general, this is an emerging phenomenon that is of great interest to the gaming community because of its difficulty. People who do not often play games also want to try once to understand the problem with it. The good players and streamers are interested in it to test their higher skills. Everyone has a reason to try it once. Try not to inhibit it and protect your smartphone. TrapAdventure 2 APK is available for free download on the AppStore and the iOS operating system. It is also quite light because the graphics and sound so simple you can rest assured the world’s hardest game offline.

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