Trinity Master APK (MOD) – a game by Square Enix

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  • March 8, 2018
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Are you a loyal fan of famous Japanese anime? Has anyone identified themselves as a genuine otaku with the achievements of watching hundreds of acclaimed films? If that’s true, you can not ignore the Trinity Master series and always dream of joining the colourful world. You will be playing the powerful heroes that kill the enemy along with the giant beasts. Square Enix has just announced Trinity Master for mobile, and then you will follow me to explore what are the exciting things in this games. Trinity Master is opening the gate to pre-register! Hurry up.

Choose one of the 7 heroes

Tower Defense
With a fascinating storyline, exciting gameplay is one of the factors that make the game a success in today’s tight market. Actually, with the saturation of the RPG series or fighting games, tactical games are becoming increasingly popular among gamers worldwide. But in the line of tactics also includes a lot of different gameplays for manufacturers to exploit. Tower defence makes the game seem tougher when you do the squad setup and lets your troops automatically fight. But not so that the game lacks its appeal.

Summon, and skills
This is a gamer attraction that the manufacturer deliberately integrates into the game. The game provides you with the number of heroes extremely diverse than any roleplaying game available on the market today. Each hero has their effect on the defence, so you can customize them using their stage. Once you have owned and selected them in the match, there is only one condition to summon them that must have enough prizes in the game. Try to calculate the summoning of weak heroes, but it is easy to set the battlefield first or to win points and launch strong heroes. Because they have their skills that can turn the game around.

Real-time team battles (against seven others)
It looks like the face-to-face battles have become the trend of today’s games so Trinity Master cannot be missed. Fierce battles are no longer a confrontation with giant monsters that hold vast power but no talent but champions who are full of power and mind. You will have to face up to seven people at the same time so be careful in your moves as you can be attacked in any direction.

Anima summons
Heroes can summon an Anima whenever they need help in battle. Anima is not a hero’s weapon, so you can gather it to gain the advantage whenever you need it.

Skills timing
Because this is a tactical game, timing calculations, cooldowns and energy consumption are the essential skills that need to be learned. If you master those skills then congratulations you can quickly climb to the top of the leaderboard.

Sum up

Trinity Master APK has beautiful 3D graphics, real portraits of gladiators, archers, wizards with a powerful and colourful way to launch. The game screen is constantly changing to match the location, and the task is also a spot attracting gamers to the game. So you quickly pre-register the game to receive the latest news and some awards for the number of pre-registration.

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