Twisty Road! (by Voodoo) APK v1.0 MOD

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Like the Voodoo, they were happy with the success they achieved in 2017. But no, until the end of the year they still launched a new game called Twisty Road!, which immediately became a hit for the mobile gaming market like Dune and Fire Up! did. With a super-simple play, even 5-year-olds can experience this game without the help of their parents. Let’s take a look at the new features and features in this game.

Download Twisty Road! (by Voodoo) APK v1.0 MOD latest for Android

With the success of a series of simple entertainment games such as Snake VS Block, Dune !, Rolly Vortex … Voodoo has taken this momentum to release a series of simple but extremely attractive electronic games. And of course Twisty Road! is no exception. After only a week of release, the game has reached 50,000 downloads and reached the top 10 most popular games in the App Store. Along with that is a lot of extreme evaluations on the content of the game.

Like Dune !, Twisty Road’s gameplay! Bold Voodoo. Players only need to use two fingers to play this game. You will have to control a small ball rolling on the winding road. Just do not be a little careful, you can go down the drain at any time. The path will extend to infinity, and of course, the obstacles will appear at any time and any position on the road, so players need to quickly fast eye to be able to dodge the obstacles. that danger.

In terms of graphics quality, Voodoo still holds up his or her mental children with a sharp 3D graphics, which glides the viewer. However, the 3D effect can handle a lot of hard-to-see players. In addition to that weakness, Twisty Road! Maintaining the style of the previous games, it still exhibits a good nuance, good graphics, and addictive gameplay.

Twisty Road! APK is the best entertainment game of the year. Games are now available for free on the AppStore and Google Play. However, the game contains a lot of ads from developers can make many people quite annoyed. The easiest way to turn off ads is to turn off internet connection from your device.

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