Ultimate Ocean Simulator APK (Update v1.1) Mod


If you want to explore the ocean, download the Ultimate Ocean Simulator. Swim in the colorful ocean like your favorite ocean creature! Choose from TEN PLAYABLE ANIMALS – Choose from ten types of marine animals to join the game! Hunt for tropical coral reef food, nurture a large family, explore a dangerous pirate cemetery, and live like your favorite marine life! You will need to find food that maintains health, hunger, oxygen, and energy while hunting for food in a dangerous seawater environment!

Download Ultimate Ocean Simulator APK (Update v1.1) Mod for Android

Choose your favorite marine creatures in the game, such as a dolphin, octopus, jellyfish, sea turtle, whale, killer dolphin, crab, swordfish, rays and blue whale. ! Every living thing has its own family, personal life experience and ability to survive.

The battle is fierce
Test your skills against six bloody battles between the blue sea monsters! A prehistoric sea animal with sharp knives. A giant white shark is still swimming in the nearby waters!

Build separate ramparts
Dominate other animals of the same species. Take them into your extended family! Customize according to your abilities and use any animal in the pack of creatures you choose to create a compelling family against the enemy!

Upgrading the family system
Young children will increasingly grow into big family members with the power and ability to master it! Take care when they are young, hunt for food and carry them on your back to avoid being slaughtered by the enemy!

Animal upgrading
Choose the name, shape, skills, and attributes of the animal to complement your family members and make them a stronger team!

Improve health
Enhancing the survival of your creature is made possible by the experience of catching and eating, taking care of your family and completing the mission! Upgrade your animals to increase health and dangerous attacks on enemies, earn points to upgrade your animal stats, and increase your individual and family size!
Stat Points can be used to provide bonuses for features such as health, attack and defense, speed, and more!

Improve organisms
Buff points can be used to upgrade your creatures, which generates temporary auto stats when your animal’s life is low, or they feel the blood!

The 3D environment is vivid and highly autonomous. To explore the vast ocean world, we have created five unique homes for your animals to live! The depths of the Abyssal ditch, explore the Arctic ice caves, or bathe yourself in the sunny seas of tropical islands! Enemies are more and more diverse. Should you have good skills and experience full of life can live in the beautiful and dangerous world!

Rule of nature
If you are old enough or have parental permission, open the BRAND NEW bloody effect of adding to the brutality of your underwater marine life.

With all our games, you will always receive full games without ads or additional purchases!

Download the Ultimate Ocean Simulator to live in the sparkling blue sea like your favorite underwater animals! If you like to live in the sea, you will want our other animal simulators! You can also download other applications like our Ultimate Wolf Simulator and live a wildlife in the forest, or turn Ultimate Dinosaur Simulator and explore a dinosaur-era world of dinosaurs!

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