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  • January 14, 2018
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  • Update: January 14, 2018 at 7:18 pm
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A post-apocalyptic world, a world where people have evolved to another level, a world in which natural law has ceased to be a chain of life in the vicious circle of man. Humans will become “immortal” gods with machines that can not be destroyed and wars with the amount of damage counted only by the mental forces consumed. And Arsaga Partners has released the world’s most beautiful game trailer. Let’s take a look at what Vital Gear is.

Add some extra information: Pre-Registration has exceeded 77,777 milestones. This is one of the worst numbers for a pre-registered September pre-registration game like Vital Gear. Therefore, the producer has released an animated opening video instead of the trailer as sincere thanks to the fans of the manga series of the same name has full support, and the gamers have paid attention to it. Maybe the teaser will be no worse than any anime block in 2018. Because of that, the video will not disappoint you at all.


After watching the animated opening video, I realized something interesting to tell you. When you step into the game will be played a girl, perhaps it is our protagonist. Her tears flickered as the large cars began firing and pouring terrible lasers into the buildings that caused them to collapse. The girl uses all her power to retrieve the pieces and create a unique vehicle. It will be her companion for the duration of the game, helping her fight against the AI enemies who are invading the Earth.

And then the girl grew up, accompanied by her very loyal and loyal friends. In addition, she utilizes her talents and intelligence to create machines that connect with the brain that make the process of fighting and processing information much faster. The human army is gradually becoming mighty but not yet strong enough to regain control of the earth. How can we find peace again? It all depends on you.

First description

You will be playing one of the 100 heroes designed by creative designers for the game. Everybody has a story of their own, they all suffer from the past misery that no one else is the AI AI insensitive. And then they joined the human legion, tied their lives and lives with a fighting machine not only to avenge their own painful past but to stop the forces of violence. The future is brighter for the next generation. Especially, each of them fights in a unique style that symbolizes each element lost on the planet due to the destructive machinery, such as fire, water, wind, land.


If you are a manga enthusiast and have read through Vital Gear, you want to see how it’s animated, and it’s a great option for the character to control. And if you’re a true gamer who wants to experience top-notch gaming and depth in content, this is one of those games worth trying. No matter who you are, let’s play it when it comes out. Now show your interest by pre-registered. The more people, the more rewards.

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